Peerless-AV MIS488 Specsheet



Pole Mount for Media Devices


To be used with a ceiling mounted TV


For ceiling mounted displays and suspended televisions, finding a place to mount media



devices just got easier. Now, the MIS488 gives the option of attaching the media device to


the extension pole behind the display, keeping it close and its cables neatly organized. The


universal bracket design makes the mount compatible with a wide range of media devices.


Because MIS488 mounts to a standard 1 1/2" pipe, by way of U-bolts, this versatile media


device mounting solution will attach anywhere along the column.

Max load:25lb (11.3kg)




Mounts to a standard



1-1/2" pipe (1.90" OD)






Universal Fit

U-bolt design allows for



Universal design

positioning the media



accommodates a wide

device shelf mount at



range of media devices

any height on the pole




Universal design allows



for compatibility with a



wide range of media








Easily slide the media device mount anywhere along the pole for adjustable heights

Cable Management

Clean design creates easy access for holding the media cables


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