Peerless-AV HDS-IRE - Sell Sheet User Manual


Wireless Solutions


IR Extender

For use with HDS100 and HDS200 Receiver Models


Hide HD Flow Receiver in a TV stand or mount it behind the TV

while maintaining IR functionality for remote components

Delivers a clean, clutter-free installation

Discreet appearance ideal for blending into any environment

Compatible with all models of HDS100/200 products

Cord Length: 3ft (0.91m) lead

Connection Type: 3.5mm plug

Range: up to 22ft (6.71m) range from remote control to IR Extender

Extend a remote's reach with the IR Extender accessory for HD FlowTM and HD FlowTM Pro Models. This is the perfect tool for applications where the receiver is out of sight such as mounted behind an HDTV or installed above a ceiling mounted projector. Simply plug in the IR Extender to the receiver, locate the IR Eye in line-of-sight and control the components – no power outlet required.

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