New Holland Crop-Chopper 38 User Manual

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New Holland
W Width, in operation, ft. in. (m) 10’10” (3.30) Height, overall, ft. in. (m) 10’2” (3.09) Length, overall, ft. in. (m) 10’4” (3.15) Weight, lbs. (kg) 2,020 (898) Cutting width, in. (m) 72 (1.83m) Cutting height, in. (mm) 2 to 7 (50 to 180) Rotor speed, rpm 1,373 Rotor flails 40 Cutterhead knives 3 standard Cutterhead paddles Cupped Cutterhead speed, rpm 966 Number of paddles 3 Adjustable Hitch 2 positions Drive, rpm 540 PTO with yoke and safety shield Overload Protection Slip and overrunning clutches and shearbolt Tires 27x7.50-15
Flail Harvester
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Design, materials and/o r spe cifications ar e sub ject to chan ge w ithout no tice and with out liabi lity ther efor. Specificat ions are applicable to units sold in Canada, the United Stat es, its territo ries and possessio ns, and may var y ou tside these areas .
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Safety begins with a thorough understanding of
the equipment. Always make sure you and
your operators read the Operator’s Manual
before using the equipment. Pay close
attention to all safety and operating
decals and never operate machinery
without all shields, protective devices
and structures in place.
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