New Holland T9040, T9050, T9060, T9010, T9020 User Manual

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NEW HOLLAND T9000 Series Tractors 280 to 530 hp 4WD Tractors
T9010 T9020 T9030 T9040 T9050 T9060
New Holland T9000 tractors are the top 4WDs in bottom-line performance and productivity.
New Series T9000 tractors set performance standards that put competitive models at an even further disadvantage — all while giving you powerful, innovative ways to increase your bottom line. Whether you work with the widest, deepest implements on the hilliest terrain, or scrape and move heavy loads of earth in the most grueling conditions, a T9000 4WD is the tractor of choice for power, efficiency, comfort and control.
More power on all models
New T9000 4WDs are more powerful — with up to 30 more horsepower available on the flagship T9060 and up to a monstrous 40% torque rise. That kind of power makes short work of big-acreage farming and earth­hauling jobsite production.
The New Holland engines are efficient too! With improved engine cooling, electronic fuel systems and on the T9050/T9060 models, electronically controlled fan drives, the new New Holland
engines exceed compliance for EPA Tier III "green engine" emission requirements. Plus, the combination of large engine displacement and efficient center-pull chassis design puts less wear and tear on the tractor and extends tractor life.
Models Engine HP PTO HP
T9010 280 225 T9020 330 269 T9030 380 335 T9040 430 375 T9050 480 425 T9060 530 469
Bigger transmissions
Considerable power is matched by T9000’s bigger transmissions that feature wider gears and extra clutch plates for more torque-carrying capacity. And more convenience — the T9000 16-speed powershift now features AutoShift™ capability with both field and road operation settings. As its name implies, AutoShift automatically downshifts the tractor to maintain engine rpm and torque as load increases, then upshifts as load decreases. The powershift transmission also features a new electronic pulse-width-modulated clutch control that provides ultra-smooth shifts.
Greater lift, more flow
The optional three-point hitch lift capacity is even higher on the new T9000s, with up to 8900 kg on tap through the entire lift range.
T9000’s proven hydraulic system, including the optional MegaFlow™ system, now delivers even greater flow to meet the needs of high-demand implements. Huge flow capacity, along with maximum efficiency
and instantaneous response, means more flexibility and control to handle multiple functions simultaneously without a drop-off in performance.
Luxury accommodations
Class-leading power and strength would be of little value without total operator comfort and control, and these are yet more categories in which T9000s shine. From the new T9000 luxury-level cab, with unequalled space, visibility and quietness, to a full range of electronic instrumentation, monitoring and optional IntelliSteer™ auto-steering systems for complete control of the tractor and implement at all times, T9000 4WD tractors continue to lead the way. That’s the legacy of innovation and performance that has made New Holland #1 in tractors worldwide.
Check out the new T9000 Series tractors at your New Holland dealer. For bottom-line performance in any job or condition you encounter, you can’t top these new 4WDs.
There are six models in the new T9000 Series line, from the row-crop T9010 generating 280 hp to the flagship 530-hp T9060. All T9000 tractors can easily handle the rigours of small grain farming and other big-acreage production.
The luxury cab is the most spacious on the market. It’s big, quiet and comfortable, and gives you more visibility in every direction than in competitive 4WDs.
An optional 1000 RPM independent PTO smoothly engages and powers shaft-driven implements such as grain carts. The 1.75-inch-diameter (4.5 cm) 20-spline shaft is electro­hydraulically modulated for smooth engagement regardless of load.
Auto-steering precision reduces inputs and enhances operator comfort for maximum field performance.
State-of-the-art steering-guidance and GPS-satellite technology help you work more productively and comfortably all day (or all night) in a new T9000 Series 4WD tractor. The optional New Holland IntelliSteer
Auto Steering System guides your tractor along straight lines with an accuracy level as precise as +/- 1 inch (2.5 cm) at speeds up to 18 mph (29 km/hr).
Whether air-seeding, spraying, tilling or row cropping, the dynamic IntelliSteer system guides you, reducing skips and overlaps that waste seed, chemicals and other input costs. Growers can plant crops more accurately relative to fertilizer
applications by eliminating
“guess rows.”
And strip-tillers can precisely place fertilizer, seed and pesticide in last seasons tillage strip to optimize strip-crop performance. In addition, the IntelliSteer
system reduces the effects of compaction and allows you to eliminate markers on your equipment. Innovative IntelliSteer technology also lets you operate longer hours in a variety of conditions with a lot less fatigue. Just let the IntelliSteer system do the work for you — hour after hour, pass after pass. No stress of following markers … no gauging where to steer wide equipment for the next pass … no worrying about manually driving straight.
The New Holland 252 antenna receives the GPS signals to guide the vehicle. This antenna can easily be transferred from tractor to tractor or even to your combine.
The RTK base station includes a GPS antenna, receiver and radio link to provide RTK correction signals to tractor-mounted auto-guidance systems and can be either portable or permanently mounted.
The New Holland VT™ colour monitor provides complete interface with the IntelliSteer™ system.
The Navigation Controller II receives user, satellite, correction and steering inputs and provides the control to guide the tractor. It includes three gyrometers and accelerometers for operation in uneven terrain.
Put IntelliSteer™ in your tool box
New Holland offers four versions of the IntelliSteer system with varying levels of accuracy to match your needs:
• IntelliSteer RTK (Real Time Kinematics) delivers the highest accuracy, in the +/- 1 to 2 cm 1 ( inch) range.
• IntelliSteer DGPS HP (Differential GPS High Performance) offers a higher level of accuracy in the +/- 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 inch) range.
• IntelliSteer DGPS XP (Differential GPS) provides typical accuracy in the +/- 8 to 13 cm (3 to 5 inch) range.
• IntelliSteer DGPS VBS (Differential GPS) provides typical accuracy in the + / - 15 to 30cm (6 to 12 inch) range.
Immediate operator override
The electronic steering valve and manifold are plumbed into the tractor steering system and receive steering direction from the IntelliSteer system’s navigation controller mounted inside the cab. Slightly turning the steering wheel returns complete tractor steering control to the operator.
Get down to business in comfort in the largest cab with the most visibility in 4WDs.
Stay refreshed and comfortable. Remain highly productive. In the new T9000 deluxe cabs, long hours go by faster and the toughest jobs feel easier. That’s all due, of course, to the T9000 cab’s unmatched size, spaciousness and all-around visibility — the
best in class by far. Inside this remarkable cab you’ll find all the convenience features for precision land management.
Greater visibility and comfort
There’s just more glass in a T9000 cab. To be precise, there’s over 3.7 cubic meters of glass. And that means you’ll enjoy greater visibility in every direction. The one-piece, curved windshield, sloping hood and wide back window give you 360-degree visibility. The T9000 cab is quiet, too, with a sound level of a remarkably low 75 db(A).
The comfortable, 55 cm-wide air-ride seat and armrest control console swivel in unison
(21 degrees to the right, 7 degrees to the left) so you can turn for an even better view without straining your eyes or back. The seat also glides 20 cm forward or back and the seat back tilts to accommodate every driver. The AutoComfort
suspension and built-in, four-position heat control is also STD.This seat continuously monitors vehicle ride and automatically adjusts the dampening provided by the seat shock absorber. No matter what the terrain, you enjoy a supremely comfortable ride. The integrated heat control cycles on and off with a comforting massaging action to help reduce operator fatigue.
Nearly 3.7 cubic meters of glass offer an unobstructed panoramic view, in the field and over the road.
More comfort features
Small convenience features add up to lots
of day-long comfort in a T9000 cab:
• Soft-grip, telescoping steering wheel
• Elevated foot rests
• Automatic temperature control for heater and air conditioning
• Remote-control mirrors with greater swivel
• Rear window wiper/washer
• Six power outlets
• Laptop computer tray
• Self-canceling turn signals
• Dual cup holders, with a retractable cup holder on the right-hand armrest
• Cargo nets
• Optional instructional seat
• Front and rear sun shades
• AutoComfort
• Foot operated decelerator
• Heated-seat with low, medium and high settings
• Custom Headland Management
T9000 gives you all the tools you and your operators need to remain at maximum productivity.
Halogen work lights, plus High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, brighten the night. You can adjust eight of the work lights to focus more illumination on areas in front of, behind and to the side of the tractor.
From your office inside a T9000 4WD, you’re in complete control of operations and productivity, day or night. Conveniently located controls, comprehensive monitoring systems and new lighting enhancements help you work your best.
Data on the go
An electronic instrument cluster with both digital and analog gauges is positioned vertically at eye level on the right-hand cab post. With a quick glance you can get all the operational information you need from these
now even-easier-to-read gauges. With the performance instrumentation you get critical data on the go, including percentage of power being used, fuel usage, remaining fuel, ground speed, and wheel slip. This cluster features electro-hydraulic remote individual timer controls with visual remote flow readings. The monitor reminds you when the engine and transmission require service. It also protects the tractor by shutting it down if oil pressure is low or if coolant, air-to-air or transmission temperatures are too high.
Comfortably seated, and without stretching, you can reach overhead controls for heat, air conditioning, lights and the premium audio system. Armrest controls are ergonomically designed and positioned. On T9000 models with the powershift transmission the armrest controls adjust fore/aft, up and down. On the armrest you’ll find controls for AutoShift™, hydraulic remotes, flow settings, diff lock, hitch, custom headland management, slip limit and the throttle.
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