New Holland T6080, T6010, T6060, T6040, T6070 User Manual

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New Holland T6080, T6010, T6060, T6040, T6070 User Manual

New Holland

T6000 Series Tractors

100 to 155 hp

T6010 T6020 T6030 T6040 T6050 T6060 T6070 T6080

Class-leading performance and reliability

Flexible T6000 tractors satisfy the demands of many operations.

New Holland’s formula for outstanding T6000 tractor performance involves mixing raw power and superior control with the ultimate in customer flexibility. T6000 tractors are a natural choice for livestock, arable or contracting applications.

Delta, Plus or Elite Models

Whether you’re looking for proven performance in a value package or a tractor that gives you the latest electronic conveniences and push-button simplicity, the NEW T6000 Series tractors are built for you. You choose the model that’s configured perfectly for your application.

Delta configuration models offer class-leading performance in a base-level configuration for tight budgets.

Plus configuration models raise the bar for on-the-job performance, offering a range of options including a semi-powershift transmission, high- er-capacity closed-center hydraulic system, and the Horizon cab with added comfort features.

Elite configuration models deliver top-of-the-line comfort

and performance features including engines with Electronic Power Management, Power Boost (in transport and PTO applications), Custom

Headland Management, and

Electronic Draft Control.

Options that pay

A wide selection of transmissions and front axle options allows you to customize a T6000 tractor that will push your productivity over the top. Choose from optional features available on some models, like the sharp-turning SuperSteer™ FWD axle, ultra-smooth Terraglide™ axle, the FastSteer™ steering system, Comfort Ride™ cab suspension

or the deluxe cab package.

Precision and comfort

Superior T6000 tractor performance converges in the high-visibility Horizon™ cab that is standard equipment on Plus and Elite models, and optional on Delta models. It’s a command center of comfort and precision like no other.

Every piece of the job falls into place when you take your seat in the Horizon cab…



Operator Station Available


Versions Available


























X (Delta only)






X (Delta only)







X (Delta only)











X (Delta and Plus)

























A - Dedicated left-hand shuttle control allows

you to shift between forward and reverse easily

with your right hand free to control the loader

or implement. No clutching required (except for

Delta models equipped with the 12x12 Synchro-

Command transmission).

B - FastSteer™ Steering System option allows

a full rightor left-hand turn by moving the

steering wheel just 10 degrees. It’s perfect for

use in loader or row crop applications to reduce

fatigue and repetitive motions.

C - Throttle lever is located close for easy

engine speed adjustment.










D - Conveniently placed controls come easily

G - Hydraulic remote levers are color-coded

Deluxe cab option (available on Elite models)

to hand. On Elite Power Command™ models,

and positioned at an angle to come easily to

includes added comfort and convenience

the throttle, transmission and three-point hitch

hand. Electrohydraulic remote valves are

features like automatic temperature control,

controls all travel with the seat for maximum

available on Plus and Elite models.

electronically adjusted telescoping, heated

comfort and control.

H - Optional full-size, supportive instructor

mirrors, electrohydraulic remotes as standard

E - Analog and digital instrumentation and a

equipment and the New Holland air suspension

seat folds down when not in use, providing

seat with heated cushions.

series of 21 indicators and warning lights keep

beverage holders and a handy work area.


you informed at a glance.

I - Seat-mounted joystick and mid-mount

Comfort Ride™ cab suspension (optional on

F - Electronic draft control (optional on Plus,

Plus and Elite models) is a simple, mechanical

loader valve are available on all T6000 models

system that’s effective and always on.

standard on Elite models) provides precise hitch

for convenient fingertip control. Third-function


control with lower link draft sensing.

hydraulics (if so equipped) are controlled using



the button on the top of the joystick.




Enjoy a spacious work space and natural controls with the T6000 flat deck or Horizon™ cab.

A lot of thought was invested in the creation of the T6000 operator area. Whether you choose a model with flat-deck ROPS platform or the all-weather comfort of the Horizon™ cab, you get space, comfort, control and view that make your work easier. The throttle, transmission, hydraulic and hitch controls are placed in a natural position for easy, fingertip con-

trol. And, the sloped T6000 hood gives you an unobstructed view of the work area around you.

The T6010 Delta flat deck

The T6020, T6030 and T6050 Delta models are available in flat-deck ROPS. A deluxe seat with mechanical suspension swivels and adjusts to fit you perfectly, and the steering wheel

tilts to suit your preference. Glass comfort shielding to the front at floor level keeps noise to a minimum.

High-visibility Horizon™ cab – no other cab comes close

When you enter the Horizon cab, prepare yourself for ultra-quiet comfort. Interior sound level is as low as 70 dba. Add spacious dimensions and


attention to detail, and it’s easy to see how the Horizon cab makes you more productive. The deluxe air-ride seat swivels, supports, and adjusts for maximum comfort, while an optional full-size instructor seat puts co-work- ers at ease, too. A full 5.85 square metres of glass provides clear sightlines in every direction. There’s even a high-visibility roof panel to provide an upward view that makes it easy to see a raised loader bucket. A retractable sunshade blocks glare on Delta models, and an automotive-

style sunshade on Plus and Elite models opens for fresh air.

Deluxe cab upgrade

Step up to the Deluxe cab option on your Elite model tractor and you get the added comfort of the

New Holland air-ride seat with heated cushions. The

automatic temperature control system supplies heat and air conditioning as needed to maintain the temperature you set. The Deluxe cab also features heated electronic external mirrors, a speaker upgrade and electrohydraulic rear remotes as standard equipment.

Optional Comfort Ride™ cab suspension

For the absolute smoothest ride over bumpy ground, choose the Comfort Ride™ Cab Suspension option available on Plus and Elite models. This simple mechanical system is always on. Two isolation “donuts” at the front corners of the cab and a swaybar and two shock absorbers at the rear isolate you from up-down motions and side-to-side swaying.

A comfortable, supportive, full-size instructor seat is a Horizon cab option.

An enhanced performance monitor and radar are optional on all Plus and Elite models, allowing you to track and program a variety of functions including linkage height, PTO speed, hours, distance traveled and electronic remote valve status.

The Horizon cab features an optional high-visibility roof panel for an easy view to a raised loader bucket.



Move the steering wheel only 10 degrees to execute a full turn.

Whether you will use your T6000 Series tractor for row-crop work or with a loader, the FastSteer™ turning system option saves you effort and time. This innovative system is available on Plus FWD models and Elite models.

No more revolutions

The FastSteer system allows you to complete a hard right or left turn by moving the steering wheel a mere 10 degrees. Imagine the energy you will

save by simply nudging the steering wheel at the headland or the next time you turn to load a bucketful of silage or manure. No more turning, turning and turning the wheel.

Just press the inner ring

To use the FastSteer system, first press the rocker switch on the righthand “C” pillar to make the system available for use. Then, when you’re ready to make your turn, simply press the inner ring of the steering

wheel to engage FastSteer. A light on the instrument panel indicates the system is engaged. Normal steering returns instantly when you release the inner ring of the

steering wheel. For safety, the FastSteer system will only engage at speeds below 10 km/h.


To engage FastSteer, simply press on the inner ring of the steering wheel. The FastSteer system automatically disengages when travel speed exceeds 10 km/h.


An optional feature on Elite T6000 models, the New Holland Custom Headland Management system memorizes and replays a series of up to 28 tasks, allowing you to manage your headland turning routine with the press of a button. You can “record” and “play back” two separate sequences—one for exiting the row; the second for entering the next row—including the changes you make to the following:

Transmission upshift/downshift

Engine speed

Engage/disengage constant RPM “cruise” control

Three-point hitch position

Electrohydraulic valve operation (if so equipped)

(NOTE: The TerraLock™ system will automatically disengage FWD and diff lock as you turn and re-engage them when required.)

The Custom Headland Management system reduces repetition to give you a welldeserved break from the juggling act normally required for headland turns. Add this convenience of this system to the effortless turning provided by the FastSteer option, and you handle row after row with minimum effort.



Switches on the right-hand console are used to alert the system that you are ready to record (A) or play back (B) a sequence of actions. Then, press the “step” button to actually activate the recording or playback. The step button is located on the multi-controller (C) on Elite six-cylinder models, and on the seatmounted electronic draft control mouse on Elite four-cylinder models.


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