Logitech Y-R0023 Quick Start Manual

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Getting started with Logitech® Keyboard Case

for iPad® 2

Logitech Y-R0023 Quick Start Manual

Charge the Keyboard Case

Plug the micro-USB cable into the micro-USB port on the Keyboard Case. Plug the other end of the cable into a powered USB port on a computer.

Power on the Keyboard Case and pair with iPad 2

The Keyboard Case’s Bluetooth keyboard should only need to pair to your iPad 2 once as follows:

1.On the Keyboard Case, slide the power switch on. The status light illuminates for four seconds, and then it turns off.

2.On the iPad 2, select Settings > General > Bluetooth > On.

3.Press the Connect button to make the Keyboard Case discoverable. The status light flashes on the Keyboard Case, and the iPad 2 displays “Logitech Keyboard Case” as an available device.

4.Select “Logitech Keyboard Case” on the iPad 2. The iPad 2 will display a code.

5.Type the code using the Keyboard Case and press Enter. The Keyboard Case is now paired to the iPad 2.

Position the iPad 2 on the Keyboard Case

Place the iPad 2 (either in portrait or landscape mode) into the central groove.

Central groove

Special function keys

The Keyboard Case has special function keys to give you more control of your iPad 2.

Home Displays the iPad 2 home screen

Search Displays the iPad 2 search screen

Slide-show Plays a slide-show of saved pictures

Keyboard hide/show Allows you to hide

or show iPad 2 on screen keyboard Cut (Command-X)

Copy (Command-C)

Paste (Command-V)

Previous track Skips to previous track on current playlist

Play/Pause Starts or stops current playlist

Next track Skips to the next track on the current playlist

Mute Mutes iPad 2 audio

Volume down Decreases iPad 2 volume

Volume up Increases iPad 2 volume

Black screen Makes the iPad 2 screen go dark or restores the screen when pressed again

International Keyboard Toggles between international keyboards

Lights and buttons

Charging light: turns on when charging and turns off when fully charged

Status light:

1.Flashes when the battery is low (there’s about a 20% charge and two to four days of use remaining)

2.Flashes when pairing

3.Lights briefly when you turn on the Keyboard Case, and then it turns off

Charging light

Status light

Bluetooth button

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