Intel 6000 User Manual

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Quick Start

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First Edition

May 2000


Quick Start

1 Set up the switch

For complete installation requirements, see the User Guide.

1Remove the switch and parts from the box.

2If you plan to install the switch in a 19inch rack, remove the four front panel screws on each side of the unit, then use the screws included in the accessory kit to fasten the rack-mount brackets.

3Install the switch in a rack or on a shelf.

Front Panel Screws

Install the carrier 2 tray module

1Slide the carrier tray module into Slot 5 (the bottom slot) until it meets the connector inside the chassis, and the capture panel screws engage the chassis.

2Tighten both capture panel screws simultaneously.

Install the Control 3 Processor module

1Slide the Control Processor (CP) module into the left side of the carrier tray.

2Push the module back until it meets the connector inside the chassis, and the capture panel screws engage the carrier tray.

3Tighten both capture panel screws simultaneously.

4If you ordered a second module, remove the face plate on the right side of the bottom slot and follow the instructions above to install the module.

Slot 5


Carrier Tray

Adapter Bar


Slot 5

Primary CP

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