Alesis IED01 User Manual

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Electronic Drum Kit

Quick Start Owner’s Manual



Stand Assembly Instructions

1.Install rubber feet (A1) to the end of each stand base bar (B1). The flat part of the rubber faces the floor. Install one horizontal bar (B2) to the preinstalled horizontal clamp (C) as shown in the picture.

2.Insert two vertical bars (B2) to the remaining slots facing up as shown. Insert two clamps (C) to the ends of one horizontal bar (B2). Slide on the two vertical bars as shown.

3.Slide one clamp (D) down the left hand vertical bar which will be used for snare-drumpad. Slide one small bar (B3) into the clamp (D) as shown in the figure.


4.Insert three clamps (D) on to a horizontal bar (B2) and put two horizontal clamps (C) on the end. Slide the assembly onto the two vertical bars as shown. Now slide another clamp (D) down the left hand vertical bar which is going to be used for the Hi-Hat.Then slide one small bar (B3) into the clamp (D) as shown.

5.Insert three small bars (B3) in the remaining clamps (C) on the top horizontal bar.

6.Attach five part (A3) to each of the five drum pads. Attach the bolt and nut (F) as shown.


7.Attache the mounting bracket (G) to the back of the iET01 Trigger Box as shown in the figure. Attach to lower horizontal bar as shown in figure and angle accordingly. The iDM01 Drum Machine will rest on top of this.

8.This is how the finished assembly will look.

9.Attach the iDM01 Drum Machine on top of the iET01 Trigger Box using the velcro strips.


Quick Setup Guide

1.Make sure all items listed on the front of this guide are included in the box.


3.Study this setup diagram.

4.Place drum set in an appropriate position for operation.

5.Make sure all speaker devices are turned off and all volume/faders are at “zero.”

6.Connect all input sources as indicated in the diagram.

7.Connect the outputs to headphones, and/or powered amplifier stereo system.

8.Plug in both power adapters and other devices into AC power.

9.Switch everything on in the following order.

a.iET01 Drum Trigger Box.

b.iDM01 Drum Machine.

c.Any external speakers.

10.When turning off, always reverse this operation by,

a.Any external speakers.

b.iDM01 Drum Machine.

c.iET01 Drum Trigger Box.

NOTE: Speakers are NOT included. As shown in the above figure, the supplied RCA cable is used to connect to an external amplifier, mixer, or a home stereo systems.


Getting Started

This section will cover how to begin using your electronic drum kit. Be sure that your electronic drum kit setup matches the diagram shown in the Quick Setup Guide as previously shown.

Be sure that both the iET01 Trigger Box and the iDM01 Drum Machine are both powered on.

I.While the unit is powered on, turn the volume up on the headphones half way. The volume control is (2) on the diagram.

II.Striking the electronic drum pads with the included sticks should produce sounds in the headphones.

III.To change the drum kit:

a.Press “DRUM SET” in section (6) as shown on the diagram.

b.The display (1) will show the current drumset number.

c.To change the sounds, press the up and down arrows in section (3).

IV. To play along to preset patterns:

a.Press the “STOP” button in section (3) on the diagram.

b.Press the button labeled “PRESET/USER” listed in section (4). The display will then show the current preset (‘Rock 1’ by default).

c.Use the up and down arrows in section (3) to shuffle through the 50 different patters.

d.Press “PLAY” in section (3) to hear the preset pattern.

e.Tempo can be adjusted by the tempo up and down buttons in section (5) shown on the above diagram.

f.You can play along with the preset samples on the drum kit. To add a fill press the “FILL” button in section (3) while the sample is playing.

V.To record a drum pattern:

a.Press the “PERFORM/COMPOSE” button in section (4) of the diagram untili the display says “COMPOSE”.

b.Press “PLAY” to start recording. You will hear a click sound corresponding to the tempo of the current pattern. The recording will continually loop through the pattern so that you may add drum parts one at a time.

c.You can enter drum beats by pressing the drum buttons in section (7) or by hitting the drum pads with the sticks.

d.Press “STOP” to stop the recording.

VI. To reset the unit, erasing all stored values to return to the default modes, hold down “ERASE” and “PLAY” while powering the unit on.


Kit de Batería Electrónica

Manual de inicio rápido del usuario








Instrucciones del ensamblaje del soporte

1.Instale las patas de goma (A1) al extremo de cada barra (B1) de la base del soporte. La parte plana de la goma va hacia el piso. Instale una barra horizontal (B2) en la abrazadera de fijación horizontal (C) preinstalada como se muestra en la foto.

2.Inserte dos barras verticales (B2) en las ranuras restantes hacia arriba, como se muestra en la figura. Introduzca dos abrazaderas de fijación (C) en los extremos de una barra horizontal (B2). Deslice las dos barras verticales como se muestra en la figura.


3.Deslice una abrazadera de fijación (D) a lo largo de la barra vertical izquierda que será usada para el pad de la batería desnare. Deslice una barra pequeña (B3) en la abrazadera de fijación (D) como se muestra en la figura.