2N NetStar Help for Symbian ME Application User Manual


Help for Symbian ME


The 2N Mobility Extension application enables mobile telephone users to make calls over a PBX or a GSM gateway from 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. When calling a contact in a phone directory this application automatically calls to the PBX and then dials the contact. Thus the application not only makes it easier to call but also brings savings on calls. In cooperation with a specific PBX 2N NetStar and using the applications it is possible to set the redirecting, absence message, to log in/out of the group and to switch profiles.

The application is for mobiles with the Symbian 9 operating system.


The application 2N Mobility Extension Symbian is installed using the standard tools in the Nokia PC Suite. The installation file is MobileExt.sis. With regards to the fact that it is possible to change some parameters after installation (the prefix to the PSTN, the transfer code, etc.) it is necessary to allow the installation of all the software before the actual installation. (It is set in Application manager -> Options -> Settings).

Figure: Software installation

Now you can connect your mobile to the computer (by cable or Bluetooth) and run the PC Suite application. Select "Install Application" and chose the site where you want to save the file MobileExt.sis. After successfully completing the installation you will be asked to complete the installation on your mobile.

Note. When installing on the disk C:/DATA on your mobile phone create the file Aina.bin. This is where all of the application's settings will be stored. By overwriting this file you can change the settings - see the chapter on Extended Settings).


After successfully installing the "2N Mobility Extension - ME" will be among your applications.

2N NetStar Help for Symbian ME Application User Manual

Figure: Mobility Extension

On the first run you will be familiarised with the application's conditions and basic properties. The application is licensed but contains a ten-day trial licence. To get the license key please contact sales@2n.cz, then enter it into the Licence menu.

It is now necessary to set the SIM card number in the PBX that the application will communicate with. Options -> Settings. Communications take place using SMS (for services) and calling + DTMF (for calls). It is possible to switch to the regime without SMS in the configuration file Aina.bin, i.e. only calling + DTMF.

Figure: Access number for SMS Access number for calls

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