2N Fixed line replacement with 2N EasyGate PRO - Quick Start, 1711 v1.01, Easygate Pro User Manual

2N Fixed line replacement with 2N EasyGate PRO - Quick Start, 1711 v1.01, Easygate Pro User Manual

Outgoing call

Suppose that the SIM card has been inserted, the PIN entered or not required, and EasyGate is registered to GSM network – the GSM Network LED is permanently on.

Hook off the telephone, you can hear the dial tone and the Line LED starts flashing.

Dial the GSM subscriber number. EasyGate receives tone dialing (DTMF) by default. If your telephone transmits pulse dialing only, program EasyGate to receive pulse dialing. When you make a delay in your dialing longer than 5s (programmable), the connection is established.

If the called subscriber is available, you can hear the ringing tone. If not, you can hear the busy tone or any of the GSM provider’s messages.

When the called subscriber answers the call, the call is established. The Line LED is permanently on during the call.

Hang up to terminate the call. The Line LED goes off. If the called subscriber is the first to hang up, you can hear the busy tone and hang up.

modem connected to telephone line. The fax or data service must be registered with your GSM operator.

Outgoing FAX call or Data connection

Before destination number dial code *01* for fax call or *02* for data call. When connected device generates calling tone, this preset is not necessary.

Incoming FAX call or data connection

It is recommended to activate separate fax number on your SIM card – multinumbering scheme. Fax messages and data connection should be routed to appropriate number.

If the fax or data number is not activated, the call from analogue network is not detected as fax or data call and is routed via the analogue channel of GSM network, the connection can´t be established. In this case it is possible to set fax engine in the gateway to receive the next call as fax or data call. This setting can be done permanent - see the manual on CD-ROM. This function is not guaranteed by all operators.

Incoming call

An incoming call is signaled by ringing. The Line LED flashes during ringing.

Hook off the phone to establish the call. The Line LED is permanently on during the call.

For call termination see the Outgoing call section.

Fax and data connection (only fax models)

EasyGate with fax converter has ability to manage fax messages using analogue fax Group 3 and data connection using analog

Configuration over USB

For PC configuration of EasyGate is necessary to install PCManager UNI. Connect EasyGate to PC using USB cable.

Virtual serial port(USB serial port FTDI) is created immediately after linking PC and EasyGate. This port is used by PCManager to communicate with EasyGate. When the port isn’t activated automatically use driver on CD

The COM port number of virtual serial port has to be set in PCManager.

Detailed description is in the product manual on CD-ROM.

In the GSM network, GPRS data transfer is suspended during voice calls and do not continue until the voice call is finished.

EC Declaration of Conformity

Hereby, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s., declares that the 2N® EasyGate PRO product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. Refer to the CD-ROM or our website www.2n.cz for the Declaration of conformity.

© 2011, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. – Prague, LH 1711, v.1.01

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