2N Analogue UMTS gateway 2N SmartGate UMTS - Quick Start, 1713 v1.00, SmartGate User Manual

2N Analogue UMTS gateway 2N SmartGate UMTS - Quick Start, 1713 v1.00, SmartGate User Manual

Calls – DialThru Gateway

By default, 2N® SmartGate UMTS behaves as a dial-thru gateway:

Calls are routed to UMTS/GSM from the FXS interface.

Incoming UMTS/GSM calls ring at the FXS interface.

When the FXO interface is ringing, 2N® SmartGate UMTS interconnects FXO and FXS, thus enabling analogue interfaces to communicate with each other.

For more advanced call routing, you have to program the routing tables. Some distributors offer products with preprogrammed routing for planned use:

2N® SmartGate UMTS can route calls from the FXS interface to UMTS/GSM and FXO according to the called number, thus cutting the outgoing call costs significantly. Be sure to program the FXS routing table properly using your PC and the PCManager programming tool enclosed.

ME – Mobility Extension is applied whenever a call is coming (ringing) to the FXO interface. With ME enabled, the FXS and FXO lines are interconnected and a call is set up to the defined UMTS/GSM number. Hence, a FXO call can be answered on the FXS interface and/or UMTS/GSM network.

Calls – PBX Internal Line


By programming a single parameter assigned to the FXO routing table, you can switch 2N® SmartGate UMTS into the PBX internal line mode:

Calls from the FXO interface are routed to the UMTS/GSM network.

To route incoming UMTS/GSM calls back to the FXO interface, you also have to set routing to FXO on the row for other numbers in the GSM routing table. (To make 2N® SmartGate UMTS process calls from different UMTS/GSM callers, complete the GSM routing table rows as necessary.)

Configuration via USB

To enable configuration via a PC, connect 2N® SmartGate UMTS to the PC using a USB cable and install the 2N®SmartGate PCManager tool.

Thus you create a virtual serial port (USB serial port, FTDI) for the PCManager connection to the gateway (launch CDM20814_Setup.exe to install the drivers).

Select the virtual serial port number in the PCManager setup.

Refer to the full User Manual version for details.

Connection to Internet, SMS

2N® SmartGate UMTS can be used as a modem for PC connection to GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA networks and thus provide a high speed Internet connection.

Install the modem drivers from the Watcher_Generic_B2849.msi file before connecting 2N® SmartGate to the PC.

When 2N® SmartGate UMTS is connected and switched on, the AirCard Watcher program is launched automatically, which helps you access the Internet or send and receive SMS.

Be sure to set APN and other provider’s settings if necessary in the connection profile before connecting to the Internet.

Refer to the full User Manual version for details.

In the GSM network, data transfers are suspended during voice calls and do not continue until the voice call has been finished, whereas in the UMTS (3G) network, data and voice are transferred simultaneously.

EC Declaration of Conformity

2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. hereby declares that the 2N® SmartGate UMTS product is in compliance with the basic requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. Refer to the CD-ROM enclosed or www.2n.cz for the full wording of the Declaration of Conformity.

© 2011, 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. – Prague, LH 1713, v.1.00

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