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PowerSteamer® Pro


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2/2/05 10:58:30 AM

Thanks For Buying A BISSELL PowerSteamer PRO Deep Cleaner

We’re glad you purchased a BISSELL POWERSTEAMER PRO Deep Cleaner. Everything we know about floor care went into the design and construction of this complete, high-techhome cleaning system.

Your POWERSTEAMER PRO is well made, and we back it with a limited one-yearwarranty. We also stand behind it with a knowledgeable, dedicated Consumer Services department, so, should you ever have a problem, you’ll receive fast, considerate assistance.

My great-grandfatherinvented the floor sweeper in 1876. Today, BISSELL is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and service of high quality homecare products like your POWERSTEAMER PRO.

Mark J. Bissell

President and Chief Executive Officer



2/2/05 10:58:30 AM


When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should be observed, including the following:

Read all instructions before using your POWERSTEAMER PRO.

WARNING:To reduce

the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury:

Do not immerse.

Use only on surfaces moistened by cleaning process.

Always connect to a properly grounded outlet. See Grounding Instructions.

Unplug from outlet when not in use and before conducting maintenance or troubleshooting.

Do not leave machine when it is plugged in

Do not service machine when it is plugged in

Do not use with damaged cord or plug

If appliance is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors or dropped into water, have it repaired at an authorized service center.

Use indoors only.

Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close door on cord, pull cord around sharp corners or edges, run appliance over cord, or expose cord to heated surfaces

Do not carry the appliance while in use

Do not unplug by pulling on cord-unplugby grasping plug

Do not handle plug or appliance with wet hands

Do not put any object into appliance openings, use with blocked opening, or restrict air flow

Do not expose hair, loose clothing, fingers or body parts to openings or moving parts

Do not pick up hot or burning objects

Do not pick up flammable or combustible materials (lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene, etc.) or use in the presence of explosive

liquids or vapor

Do not use appliance in an enclosed space filled with vapors given off by oil base paint, paint thinner, some moth proofing substances, flammable dust, or other explosive or toxic vapors

Do not pick up toxic material (chlorine bleach, ammonia, drain cleaner, gasoline, etc.)

Do not modify the 3-pronggrounded plug

Do not allow to be used as a toy

Do not use for any purpose other than described in this User’s Guide

Do not operate the appliance unless the belt door is securely assembled in the location provided

Use only manufacturer’s recommended attachments

Use only cleaning products formulated by BISSELL for use in this appliance to prevent internal component damage. See cleaning fluid section of this manual.

Keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, etc.

Be extra careful when cleaning stairs.

Close attention is necessary when used by or near children.

Turn off all controls before unplugging.

WARNING: The Power Cord on this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.



THIS MODEL IS FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY. Commercial use of this unit voids the manufacturer’s warranty.


This appliance must be connected to a grounded wiring system. If it should malfunction or break down, grounding provides a safe path of least resistance for electrical current, reducing the risk of electrical shock. The cord for this appliance has an equipment-groundingconductor and a grounding plug. It must only be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with alllocal codes and ordinances.



Grounding Pin


connection of the equipment-groundingconductor can result in a risk of electrical shock. Check with a qualified electrician or service person if you aren’t sure if the outlet is properly grounded. DO NOT MODIFY THE PLUG. If it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. This appliance is designed for use on a nominal120-voltcircuit, and has a grounding attachment

plug that looks like the plug in the drawing above. Make certain that the appliance is connected to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. No plug adapter should be used with

this appliance.



2/2/05 10:58:30 AM

Product View


To reduce the risk of fire, use only BISSELL Advanced Deep Cleaning Formulas in your PowerSteamer. Use of cleaning formulas that contain lemon or pine oil may damage this appliance and void warranty. Chemical spot cleaners or solvent-basedsoil removers should not

be used. These products may react Trigger with the plastic materials used in your

PowerSteamer causing cracking or pitting.



Tool Caddy

Power Cord


Crevice Tool




Quick Release







Tough Stain


Power Switch

Brush Storage









Hex Nuts

Flex Hose



4” Upholstery



Tool Storage


Dial Flow Indicator

(Filter Inside)








Belt Access




What comes with your POWERSTEAMER® PRO:*

*All items may not be included with your model. More tools are available. To order replacement parts or tools please refer to page 15.


Floor Nozzle Window















uses water and must not


be stored where there is


danger of freezing.


Freezing will damage


internal components.

Tough Stain

4” Upholstery





Crevice Tool





16oz. Fiber





Bare Floor


Formula with


Hard Floor

Tough Stain






Keep plenty of genuine BISSELL Fiber Cleansing Formulaon hand so you can clean whenever it fits your schedule. Always use genuine BISSELL deep cleaning formulas.Non-BISSELLcleaning solutions may harm the machine and void the warranty.


2/2/05 10:58:31 AM

How To Assemble

The only thing you will need to assemble your cleaner is a Phillips head screwdriver.

1.Slide Upper Handle onto Lower Handle.

2.Feed bundled Power Cord through Tool Caddy from caddy’s flat side.

3.Align Upper Handle holes and Tool Caddy holes.

4.Place hex nut into back of the Tool Caddy and hold in place. Insert bolt from front to back turning into the hex nut until snug. Do not over tighten. Repeat for second bolt and hex nut.

5.Insert 2 screws into lower two holes. Turn until snug.

6.Snap tools into storage on the Tool Caddy.

7.Wrap Power Cord and Flex Hose as shown.

The screws are conveniently located in the cellophane package in the accessory box

The Basics: How Your PowerSteamer PRO Works

POWERSTEAMER PRO is a home cleaning system that uses a combination of hot tap water, BISSELL advanced deep cleaning formula and suction to safely clean carpets and upholstery.

The Power Switch controls power to the machine.



Power Switch


Deep cleaning carpeting and upholstery regularly can reduce dust and allergens in your home.


Provides custom control for each cleaning job.

1.Lift the SmartMix® concentrate tank out of the machine base.

2.Turn the tank over so that the valve cap is in an upward position.


Unscrew the valve cap and fill the tank to the mark with

SmartMix® Tank


BISSELL Fiber Cleansing Formula.



Replace the valve cap turning until snug.



Replace SmartMix concentrate tank.


NOTE: If tank leaks, check for proper positioning of o-ring.



2/2/05 10:58:34 AM

SmartMix® (Continued)

6.Choose the SmartMix setting that fits the cleaning job.

Water Only – use for gentle cleaning or for the final rinse after cleaning.







Normal – automatically provides the

best mix of water and concentrate for most cleaning jobs.

High Traffic – automatically mixes the right amounts of water and concentrate to dissolve tough grime and heavy soil.

NOTE: Residual cleaning materials left in carpet from other products may cause excessive foaming when picked up. If foam is overflowing tank, move SmartMix dial to “Water Only” position until the condition stops.

DirtLifter® PowerBrush

The powered brush roll at the floor nozzle is designed to enhance cleaning performance. The bristle pattern lifts out the deep down dirt while gently grooming carpet fibers. The floating suspension self-adjuststo all carpet heights and protects your carpet if you leave the power switch ON. When the machine handle is in the fully upright position, CarpetSaverautomatically raises the brush off the carpet.


The Tank-inTank is designed with a bladder inside for clean water. As you clean, the bladder will empty. Dirty water collects in the tank outside the bladder.

1.Step on handle release to lay the machine handle down out of the way.

2.Lift the Tank-in-Tank handle. The handle locks the lid in place.

3.Carry it like a bucket to fill at the sink.

4.Set the tank down and rotate the handle forward to unlatch the lid. Lift off and set the lid aside.

NOTE: Both the SmartMix Tank and the clean water tank must have liquid in them in order for the machine to spray. If one tank is empty the machine will not apply either cleaning solution or water only. If you’re using the WATER ONLY setting, fill the SmartMix® Tank with water also.


NOTE: You may notice hair and debris deposits on


the carpet that were loosened by the brushing action


(Especially with newer carpets that have never been


deep cleaned before). This debris should be picked


up by hand and thrown away. Debris that deposits


in the Brush Belt area should be cleaned out

between uses to keep the Belts running free.


When filling bottle or storing unit, set

dial to:


To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury unplug from outlet before servicing.


Deep cleaning stairs and high traffic areas on a regular basis can prolong carpet life.

Tilt Handle


Handle Release

Lift and



Handle to



2/2/05 10:58:35 AM

Tank-in-Tank (Continued)

WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, use only BISSELL Fiber Cleansing Formula or BISSELL Hard Floor Solutions in your POWERSTEAMER PRO. Use of cleaning formulas which contain lemon or pine oil may damage this appliance and void warranty. Chemical spot

cleaners or solvent-basedsoil removers should not be used. These products may react with the plastic materials used in your POWERSTEAMER PRO causing cracking or pitting.

5.Find the mouth of the bladder and fill to the bottom of the neck with hot tap water. *Do not boil or microwave water.

NOTE: Fill the Bladder with water only.

6.Replace the tank lid matching the lid and tank edges. Handle must be in forward position to reinstall.

7.Rotate the handle to the carrying position to re-latchthe lid.

8.Replace tank in machine base, seating firmly in place.

9.Rotate handle back down to the latched position.

Fill Bladder only with clean tap water

Emptying Tank-in-Tank

1.Remove the Tank-in-Tank– follow steps 1 and 2 on page 6.

2.Carry the Tank-in-Tank,like a bucket, to the sink where you will dispose of the dirty water.

3.Remove tank lid.

4.Pour out dirty water.

5.After each use, remove and rinse the lint screen located on the tank lid.

A.Remove tank assembly from unit.

B.Remove tank lid.

C.Remove lint screen and rinse under faucet. Remove any debris caught in lint screen.

D.Replace lint screen on tank lid. Lint screen will click into place.

E.Replace tank lid.

F.Replace tank assembly into unit.

6.Refill with clean tap water as above, steps 5 through 9, and refill the SmartMix tank with BISSELL Cleansing Formula, as necessary.

Pour Out

Dirty Water

Lint Screen



When filling bottle or storing unit, set

dial to:



2/2/05 10:58:35 AM

Emptying Tank-in-Tank(Continued)

7.When the cleaning job is complete, rinse out the Tank-in-Tankby rinsing clean water between the bladder and tank.

8.Return the Tank-in-Tankto the machine, following steps 6 through 9 on page 7.

9.Refer to the Storage section on page 12 for the final cleanup.

The Flow Indicator

This is located on the machine base. It spins when the trigger is pressed to indicate that the machine is applying cleaning solution to the floor. It will stop spinning to indicate that the SmartMix tank or bladder needs to be refilled, or when the trigger is released. If the flow indicator is not spinning, check to make sure the unit is set on Floor Cleaning setting.


This provides above floor cleaning with the turn of a dial. Just choose the cleaning tool, attach to the flex hose and PowerSteamer® Prois ready to clean upholstery and more.*

*Set the switch to Floor Cleaning when cleaning carpets or bare floors or set it toTools/PreTreat when using the flex hose attachments or forpre-treatingfloors.







Thorough vacuuming before deep cleaning will prevent early clogging of the

lint trap.


A special red float device in the tank will cause the cleaner to stop removing solution from the carpet and the motor sound will rise in pitch to let you know the dirty water tank is full.


Try pre-treatingstairs or entry ways with BISSELL Tough Stain PreCleaner. Then deep clean with SmartMix dial set to

High Traffic.

How To Clean Carpet

1.Plan activities to give carpet time to dry.

2.Remove easily moved furniture from the room (chairs, lamps, coffee tables, etc).

3.Vacuum thoroughly to pick up loose debris and pet hair before using the PowerSteamer Pro.

4.Plan your cleaning route to leave an exit path. It is best to begin cleaning in the corner farthest from your exit.































2/2/05 10:58:36 AM

Machine Preparation

1.Set up the machine following instructions on pages 5-8.

2.Use Fiber Cleansing Formula in the SmartMix tank.

3.Choose the SmartMix setting to match the cleaning job.

4.Set the ReadyToolsswitch on to eitherTools/PreTreat or

Floor Cleaning.


Improves cleaning effectiveness for heavily soiled carpet in high traffic areas such as entryways and hallways:

1.Set the SmartMix dial to High Traffic.

2.Set the ReadyTools dial to PreTreat.

3.Plug into a proper outlet and turn ON the Power switch.

4.While pressing the trigger, slowly make several passes over the area to be cleaned.

Caution: Do not overwet.

5.Turn the machine Power switch OFF and let BISSELL Fiber Cleansing Formula dissolve the tough soil for 1-2minutes before continuing.

Normal Cleaning

1.Plug into a proper outlet and turn the Power switch ON.

2.While pressing the trigger make one slow forward and back wet pass. Let the Fiber Cleansing Formula and DirtLifter PowerBrush do the work for you. Caution: Do not overwet.

3.Release the trigger and make one slow forward and back pass over the same area to remove any residual dirty water.

4.Repeat cleaning passes until solution being pulled up appears clean.

5.Continue passes without pressing the trigger until you can’t see any more water being pulled up.

NOTE: Both the SmartMix and the clean water tanks must have liquid in them in order for the machine to spray. If one tank is empty the machine will not apply either cleaning solution or water only.

6.After cleaning, you may want to turn the SmartMix to Water Only to give your carpeting a final rinse. This will insure thorough removal of embedded dirt loosened by the Fiber Cleansing Formula. BISSELL Fiber Cleansing Formula contains ananti-resoilingagent that helps your carpets repel

dirt and keeps them looking clean longer. If you choose to rinse your carpets, you may want to apply BISSELL Carpet Protector after rinsing. Follow the label instructions.

7.When the cleaning job is complete refer to the Maintenance/ Storage section on page 12.

When filling bottle or storing unit, set

dial to:



2/2/05 10:58:37 AM

Cleaning Fluid Section

Keep plenty of genuine BISSELL Fiber Cleansing Formula™ on hand so you can clean and protect whenever it fits your schedule. Always use genuine BISSELL deep

cleaning formulas.


To Reduce the Risk of Fire and Electric Shock due to internal component damage, use only BISSELL cleaning fluids intended for use with the deep cleaner.

How To Clean Upholstery and Small Areas

Important - Check Upholstery Tags


BISSELL Multi-Allergen




with Scotchgard




item # 0720

item # 0710


1.Check manufacturer’s tag before cleaning. “W” or “WS” on the tag means you can use your PowerSteamer Pro. If the tag is coded with “X” or “S” (with a diagonal strike through), or says “Dry Clean Only,” do not proceed. Do not use on velvet or silk. If manufacturer’s tag is missing or not coded, check with your furniture dealer.

2.Check for colorfastness in an inconspicuous place.

3.If possible, check upholstery stuffing. Colored stuffing may bleed through fabric when wet.

4.Plan activities to give upholstery time to dry.

5.Vacuum thoroughly to pick up loose debris and pet hair. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment and a crevice tool to clean in fabric folds and tufts.

Machine Preparation



and Soil Removal

Orange Extract







item # 0730

item # 0740

Manufacturer’s Tag

1.Set up the machine following the instructions on pages 5-8.

2.Use Fiber Cleansing Formula in the SmartMix tank.

3.Set the ReadyTools dial to Tools or PreTreat.

4.Set SmartMix to Normal.

Cleaning Technique

1.Choose the 4” Small Area Tool, the Tough Stain Brush, or the Spraying Crevice Tool and connect to the flex hose.

2.Plug into a proper outlet and turn the Power switch ON.

3.While pressing the trigger, slowly move the spraying tool back and forth over the soiled surface. Release the trigger to vacuum soiled water.

4.Continue to clean the soiled area, working in small sections, until no more dirt can be removed. Caution: Do not overwet.

5.When the cleaning job is complete refer to the Storage section for machine cleanup and storage instructions on page 14.



Deep cleaning carpeting and upholstery regularly can reduce dust and allergens in your home.


Try pre-treatingstairs or entry ways with BISSELL Tough Stain PreCleaner. Then deep clean with SmartMix dial set toHigh Traffic.


2/2/05 10:58:37 AM