Alcatel-Lucent 5530 User Manual

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The Alcatel-Lucent

5530 Network Analyzer

Implementing Best-Practices

Access Loop Operations

The Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer (NA) is a comprehensive line testing and quality management solution that helps you ensure that DSL lines meet quality and stability requirements for the successful deployment ofhigh-speedInternet andtriple-playservices. TheAlcatel-Lucent5530 NA supports operational best practices throughout the access line lifecycle, including provisioning, maintenance, troubleshooting and customer support. It helps you achieve appropriate service rollout decisions, streamlined service delivery, improved service quality, reduced service downtime and faster problem resolution — all contributing to OPEX reduction of up to 50 percent. In addition to allowing advanced integration into your customer care processes, theAlcatel-Lucent5530 NA supports a POTS testing capability in order to provide acost-effectivetesting solution as your broadband access network integrates POTS and evolves towards FTTN architectures.

2 Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer

Service Provider Challenges and Needs

With higher bit rates and triple-playservices, the performance required from DSL lines is rising dramatically. Lines are being operated closer to their bit rate limit whilereal-timevoice and video services are requiring greater line stability. As a result, you will need to put the right tools and processes

in place to prevent escalating OPEX, while keeping customers happy.

Support more quality sensitive services

DSL technology has enabled you to deliver triple-playservices more cost effectively. Video and voice as well as new multimedia services tend to become more demanding in terms of bandwidth, latency and error rate, making them more sensitive to the line quality. Despite advances in DSL technology, DSL technology does have its limits. A DSL line capable of supporting High Speed Internet may be unable to support morequality-sensitiveservices such as IPTV or VoIP. Problems may arise from the poor condition of the loop itself (e.g., contact problems, crosstalk, interference, etc.) or from service demands that exceed the loop’s capability.

Figure 1. More real-timeandquality-sensitiveservices

Recommended line speed

20 Mb/s

5 Mb/s

1 Mb/s

Real time and quality sensitive

Best effort



Music download




File sharing




Online gaming




Surfing e-mail





Real time



latency sensitive


Traffic characteristics


Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer 3

Streamline operations and control OPEX

The access network, with its many ramifications and connections, is a natural place for problems to arise. With DSL, you will need to master a new set of challenges in order to avoid escalating costs. The problem, however, is that traditional testing systems can’t provide you with the visibility required for DSL line quality. To streamline operations, while maintaining control of your operational costs, you need to implement operational best practices. This must encompass the whole service life-cy-cle, including: service planning and network readiness, service provisioning, maintenance, troubleshooting and customer support.

Provide better customer support

Providing better customer support is paramount for customer satisfaction and retention. The quality perceived by your customers is linked to the service quality and degree of support they get from your organization. That’s why, ever since the early stages of DSL, you have tried to bring greater visibility of the DSL line quality to your customer support team. You want to take the right decisions and actions from the very start, enabling faster and more appropriate problem resolution.

Line testing strategies in the evolving access network

The obsolescence of telephone switches and the on-goingdemand for higher bandwidth is also driving the transformation of your access network. This often entails the deployment of smaller remote access nodes, which allow you to reach customers with shorter loops. Broadband access infrastructures are also evolving to support telephony services by means of various POTS or VoIP deployment options. As the telephony switches gradually disappear, and you begin to deploy smaller FTTN nodes, you will need to put in place a new line testing strategy that adapts to your evolving network architecture.

4 Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer

Supporting access operational best practices

The Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA is a comprehensive line testing solution helping ensure that DSL loops meet quality and stability requirements for the successful deployment of high speed Internet and triple play services. With theAlcatel-Lucent5530 NA, you can streamline service delivery, improve service quality, reduce service downtime and resolve problems faster.

Streamlining operations end-to-end

The Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA supports the fulllife-cycleof your DSL line. This includesnetwork-wideline quality assessment, accurate linepre-qualification,in-serviceline validation,pro-activeproblem detection and advanced troubleshooting. Whatever your service mix and organization, the AlcatelLucent 5530 NA will provide you with the right support to implement DSL operational best practices.

Figure 2. End-to-endoperational best practices







and readiness

















Networkwide line



Proactive line


Line problem


quality assessment



quality monitoring


diagnosis and location























Dynamic line










line testing*










* POTS testing is on-demandonly. Supported byPOLT-AandNPOT-Aline cards available

Customer care


in ETSI. ITSC line card for POTS support in the ANSI region is not supported in 5530 NA.


Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer 5








Pro-activeline management

Customer care integration

Pro-activemanagement will enable you to detect problems before they impact your customers, or correct problems automatically through dynamic line reconfiguration. TheAlcatel-Lucent5530 NA monitors your DSL lines and detects degradation trends in line transmission quality. Dynamic Line Management is a further capability that automatically rearranges line configuration parameters to stabilize lines and assure they are working at the best performance possible. This capability can stabilize up to 70 percent of your problem lines, eliminating customer frustration and operational costs.

The Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA has also been extended to support customer care processes. This gives you visibility of simplified line quality information, letting you design the workflows you need to guide call center agents — quickly and efficiently — through problem

resolution steps. By enabling agents to take an active role in problem resolution, operational costs and service downtime will be significantly reduced. What’s more, better support means happier customers.

Figure 3. Putting the call center at the core of your troubleshooting process

Call center

Network operations center

(first level support)

(second level support)

Customer service representative

DSL experts


Simplified customer line information

Guidance for resolution or escalation

Based on fully customizable workflow

6 Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer

Advanced and comprehensive troubleshooting capability

The Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA provides a wide array of testing capabilities allowing you to detect, diagnose and troubleshoot any and all problems affecting customer lines. It will allow you to check line state information, perform line quality diagnosis(in-depthline diagnosis, includingin-serviceandover-the-time diagnosis results), and provide you with tools for problem location and specialized field technician tools. Among the list of available tests, some arenon-intrusiveand can be executed while the service is running, enabling the detection of problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. TheAlcatel-Lucent5530 NA also supports the newly releasedAlcatel-LucentSmart DSL designed to protect lines from external noise.Alcatel-LucentSmart DSL will not only stabilize lines, resulting in a dramatic improvement to customer quality of service, but will also stabilize lines at a greater bit rate.

In sum, the Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA lets you successfully resolve line problems, quickly, simply andcost-effectively.

Rationalizing your testing architecture

Network evolution scenarios for Class 5 switch replacement include the implementation of POTS line cards in the access node. This transformation option can apply to access nodes deployed in Central Offices (COs), or to nodes deployed in outside plants (FTTN architecture). The Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA will help you to cope with network evolution thanks to the support of extended Narrowband Line Testing capabilities. These include inward POTSself-testing,as well as loop and POTS terminal testing (voltage, current, capacitance, ring tone, loop back, etc.). By handling both DSL and POTS testing from the AlcatelLucent 5530 NA, you will be able to rationalize your testing architecture.

Figure 4. Advanced troubleshooting with Line Quality Diagnosis (LQD)

Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer 7

Table 1. Features and benefits of the Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer



Network-wideline quality assessment

• Confidently launch new services by identifying major problems sources from


the very start



• Advanced line pre-qualificationand validation

• Identify and solve customer line problems upfront



Pro-activeline quality monitoring and automated

• Assure fast reaction and minimized customer service disruptions

line test execution




• Dynamic line management – automatic line

• Increase customer satisfaction due to increased quality and optimized line performance

profile changes for optimized line quality

• Significantly reduce operational expenses through automatic resolution of line





• Comprehensive troubleshooting means covering

• Streamline operations end-to-end

customer care, expert troubleshooting, field technicians.

• Implement operational best practices and reduce operational expenses



One-clickaccess to consolidated

• Assure faster and more appropriate reaction





Non-intrusivein-serviceline monitoring

• Facilitate detection and diagnosis of critical non-stationaryproblems


(crosstalk, interference, etc.)



• Embedded DSL expertise for advanced root

• Enable to-the-pointdiagnosis.

cause analysis

• Provide faster and more appropriate reaction.



• Customer care integration - simplified information

• Significantly reduce service downtime by appropriate handling of customer complaints

and customizable customer support workflow

• Reduce operational costs by avoiding systematic escalation to experts



• Full POTS testing capability

• Take advantage of single integrated testing for your new generation access networks


• Eliminate costly test head systems



• Easy OSS integration with full testing scope

• Flexibly adapt to your processes and organization

accessed from the OSS application




8 Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer

How the Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA works

Embedded line testing technologies

The Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA relies on several embedded testing technologies.

The Single Ended Line Test (SELT) is a reflectometric test mainly aimed at measuring line length and locating line problems. Consequently, it is used for the estimation of potential line capacity or for the location of possible line impairments.

The Dual Ended Line Testing (DELT) is based on the exploitation of DSL physical layer parameters. DELT testing identifies issues on the higher line frequencies, and enables the detection of problems such as bad contacts, interference, unbalanced loops, etc.

The Narrow-BandLine Testing (NBLT) includes an array of electrical tests such as POTS LTself-testtests and telephone terminal tests. These are supported by the POTS ports implemented in the ISAM products family, which integrates voice capability.

Figure 5. Comprehensive line testing technologies


Loop not synchronized











In-servicemonitoring (synchronized)



or loop diagnosis mode




Inward self-test:POTS LT

Outward testing: loop/phone






Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer 9

Coping with your evolving access network

The Alcatel-Lucentaccess testing approach delivers testing capabilities in the Access nodes themselves, thus removing the need for test access matrices and costly externaltest-headsolutions. Furthermore, as your access network evolves with the integration of POTS line cards (Class 5 replacement), you will be able to rely on theAlcatel-Lucent5530 NA to serve as a single integrated testing solution for DSL and POTS.


Broadband services transported in high frequencies are more likely to be affected by line impairments such as bad contact, crosstalk, or interference. Because these problems are intermittent by nature, traditional line testing systems find them difficult to detect. But this can all change with the continuous line monitoring capability of the Alcatel-Lucent5530 NA. Now such problems can be easily detected, along with their probable cause. The net result is faster reaction and problem resolution, especially for those troublesome and persistent line problems that you may currently leave unresolved.

Figure 6. Single testing solution for DSL and POTS

5530 NA

Multiservice access (voice gateway)

Triple-playnetwork NGN voice

Broadband access (naked DSL)

Voice support: voice overlay or VoDSL

Topology: access node deployment in CO or remote node

Versatile testing capability

BB line testing (SELT/DELT based)

NB line testing (broad set of POTS tests)

Data, video





Black Phone


Data, video



IP Phone

10 Alcatel-Lucent5530 Network Analyzer