Xoro DAB 240 operation manual

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Xoro DAB 240 operation manual


1 Safety Instructions

The lightning bolt symbol in the triangle alerts the user to dangerous voltages onsome exposed components inside the unit.

The exclamation point in the triangle points the user to important operating and maintenance (service) instructions in this manual that should be followed.

The device has been tested and meets the FCC standard standards of a class B device. These standards have been developed to avoid or reduce interference with other domestic electrical appliances. This device may cause radio waves and, if not installed as directed, may cause interference to the radio or television, for example when the device is turnedon or off.

Operation Manual

Follow the safety instructions and instructions in this manual.

This manual should be keptsecure for future reference.

Safety instructions (installation and operation)


Never touch the device with wet or wet hands.


The device can only be operated withthe voltage describedon the back andon the power supply unit.


This device should not be positionednear moisture and water.


Do not place the device on an unstable surface. The device could be damaged or persons injured. Any fixings should only be installed according to the manufacturer's


information orobtained from the manufacturer.


The cable is sheathed and insulates the electricity. Please do not place any objects on the cable, as this may result in loss of the protective function. Avoid heavy loads on


the cable, especially on sockets and plugs.


If you wantto remove the plug from the socket, always pull on the plug and not on the cable. Otherwise the cable could break.


To protect the device during a thunderstorm or when left unattendedfor a long time: Disconnect the plug fromthe mains. This prevents damage due to lightning strikes.


An outdoor antenna should not be installed near power lines or other circuits. When attaching such antennas, extreme care should be taken, as contact with such cables


can be fatal.


Do notoverload electrical outlets, extensioncords or other wiring, as this may result infire or electric shock.


No objects may be introduced into the openings of the device,as insome places electricity flows and the contact may cause fire or electric shock.


Disconnect the power plug from the socket for cleaning.


Do not use liquid cleaners or cleaning sprays. The device may only be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Safety Instructions


Do notconnectaccessories thatare not recommendedby the manufacturer.


The openings of the housing are usedfor ventilation, so that the device does notoverheat. These mustalways be keptfree.


The appliance must not be locatednear sources of heat,such as stoves, heaters. Protect the device from moisture and weathering.


Do not place any containers with liquids on the device.


Do notexpose the device to direct sunlight. This affects the function and could leadto damage.


Do notoperate the device in dusty environments. Heavy cigarette smoke canaffect electronic devices. Damage caused by cigarette smoke will not be repairedfree of


charge as partof the statutorywarranty.


The following components are includedin the delivery:


Radio DAB240


Power Adapter


User Manual

If any of these parts are missing,please contact your dealer as soon as possible. Keep the original packaging in case the unit needs to be returned to the dealer.

Insert Batteries

1.Open the battery compartmentand insert the batteries there (page 3). Please pay attention to the correct polarity(+/-) when inserting the battery.

2.Close the battery door again.

3.Remove the batteries from the device if you are not going to use the device for a long time.




Remove and replace old batteries. These could leak and damage the device.


Remove leaking battery fluid witha cloth. Avoidskin contact with the fluid.


If the battery or battery fluidis swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.


In case of skin / eye contact, washout the skin / eyes and consulta doctor.

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