Schneider Electric NC2-F-000000000, NC2-R-254000000, NC2-R-127000000, NC2-R-064000000, NC2-R-032000000 Data Sheet

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Schneider Electric NC2-F-000000000, NC2-R-254000000, NC2-R-127000000, NC2-R-064000000, NC2-R-032000000 Data Sheet

Andover ContinuumTM

NetController II

CPU Module

The Andover ContinuumTM NetController II is a redesigned version of the NetController, a high-powered Central Processing Unit (CPU) module and network manager for the Andover Continuum intelligent building system.


Andover Continuum NetController II CPU Module Features


Native Ethernet IP Network Controller

Powerful, modular CPU board for monitoring and control of both Andover Continuum I/O Modules and Infinity Infinet distributed controllers

High-speed networking — 4 million nodes on Ethernet

Four programmable comm. ports for flexible interconnectivity and third party communications

Programmable battery backup provides choice of shutdown options

Flash for easy online software updates

Andover Plain English (PE) language simplifies programming

dIN rail mounting and slide-together connectors for easy installation

Compatible with Andover Infinity hardware and CyberStation 1.8 and higher software. (CyberStation v1.74 SP2 may be used with a limited feature set.)

Secure Ethernet communications with IPSec/IKE Encryption and hardware acceleration

Easy configuration using embedded configuration web pages

Support for Area Lockdown and Condition “Threat” Level based access rights

Support for Andover Continuum 2nd Generation XDrivers

With its 128 MB DDR SDRAM, 32 MB flash, and four programmable communications ports (including an interface to Infinity’s Infinet distributed controllers), the NetController II provides a total solution for facility-wide network communications and information management. Of the total DDR SDRAM memory, 12 MB is allocated for application and run-time data and 48 MB for personnel records.

The NetController II is compatible with Andover Continuum CyberStationTM software version 1.8 and higher, and includes new features such as network security, condition level, area lockdown, and email. (CyberStation v1.74 SP2 is compatible with the NetController II but is limited to the features that do not require v1.8 for support.)

NetController Compatible

The NetController II has been designed to replace the original NetController. Since the form factor has not changed, the NetController II can be substituted for a NetController and plug into the same enclosure, power supply, and I/O modules as

a drop-in replacement. Additionally, the NetController II supports 24 VAC power sources allowing low cost AC transformers to power the NetController II for non-I/O module applications. The NetController II can also co-exist on the same Andover Continuum system along with the original NetController.

High-Speed Communication

The NetController II acts as the system coordinator, providing integrated global control and monitoring, history logging, and local and remote logging for both the Andover Continuum I/O modules and

the RS-485 Infinet controllers that control your individual building services — heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, access control, and more. The NetController II communicates with up to 32 Andover Continuum I/O modules via Andover LON communications over a choice of RS-485 or free topology bus media. The NetController II supports

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