Paradigm MILLENIA ONE 2.0, MILLENIA ONE 3.0, MILLENIA ONE 5.0 User Manual

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Music and Home Theater Speaker System

Thanks for choosing Paradigms! And congrats! It’s obvious you have great taste since you’ve chosen the world’s #1 Speaker Brand! We’re not blowing smoke, we’ve been voted #1 twenty times* (the only speaker manufacturer in the world that can claim that achievement!).

Your MilleniaOne system is part of Paradigm’s ‘Reference’ collection … cool style and superb quality that includes ‘cost no object’ technology at below what you’d pay for any other genuine high-end speakers with this much cool stuff. For those who salivate over techy details, we included a Technology Tidbit section and Specs for the skinny on why your system sounds soooo good!

The difference MilleniaOne will make to your music and home theater experience can’t be put into words, but you’ll hear it and you’ll feel it. It’s an experience that takes you beyond five hot little speakers to a place where you’re absolutely lost in the music or movie you’re watching. Paradigm speakers put you in the moment and keep you there! We guarantee you won’t be able to keep that difference a secret. In fact, we hope you don’t. Spread the word! Talk about your Paradigms. BRAG about them! Play your Paradigms and let others listen! Our mission is to rid the world of bad sound … and by ‘bad’ we mean the kind you find in a ‘five-speakers-in-box’ promo at your local big box store.

The Paradigm experience is a glorious one, but to make sure you get every note, nuance and scrumptious detail of that ‘glorious,’ read this manual and follow all instructions. If you still have questions, contact your dealer or visit the Q&A page on our website at

*Rated #1 Best Price/Value. Inside Track Dealer Survey. An annual independent nationwide survey of consumer electronics specialist retailers and custom installers.


How to avoid causing my Paradigms pain!

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Getting the best from my Paradigms

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Hooking ’em up (pictures and words)

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Adding a Paradigm subwoofer!

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Putting my Paradigms on a pedestal (literally!)

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Art Attack! Wall mounting my Paradigms

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NOTE: This manual applies to a MilleniaOne 5.0 and a 2.0 system. Follow the instructions applicable to your system setup

Geek Alert … technology tidbits

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Tech Specs

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Warranty – your Paradigms are family now, treat ’em well

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How to avoid causing my Paradigms pain!

Use an appropriate amplifier. At high volumes, a very powerful amplifier can overdrive your Paradigms and damage them.On the other hand,if your amplifier isn’t powerful enough,it can produce clipping distortion that can easily damage high-frequency drivers.(See your dealer for info on choosing the right amplifier … we recommend an Anthem amplifier.)

Don’t be fooled by the volume control. Your amp’s volume control adjusts listening level—it doesn’t indicate power output. If your Paradigms begin to sound harsh or grating,or if you hear the bass breaking up,turn the volume down right away or you’ll damage them.

Tone controls and equalizers can demand even more power from an amp, lowering the point at which it produces clipping distortion. Use them sparingly, if at all, and don’t use them when listening at loud levels.

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Getting the best from my Paradigms

You already have the best speaker brand in the world, but to get the best out of your Paradigms take a moment to read the following …


Although your Paradigms will sound great right out of the carton, they will sound even better when broken in. Let them operate for several hours before you listen critically. High-frequency drivers use ferro-fluid that can thicken at temperatures below 10°C (50°F), so if the speakers have been transported or stored in the cold, allow them to warm to room temperature before you listen.


Use a damp (not wet!) soft cloth to clean. Never use a strong or abrasive cleaner on your Paradigms—you’ll ruin that fabulous finish.

The Room’s Effect

Your Paradigms will deliver sensational sound almost anywhere.However,it’s important to note that listening room construction, room dimensions and even your furniture

play a part in the quality of sound. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

Mid and high frequencies are affected by the amount of curtains,carpets,sofas,wall coverings,etc.An excess of the soft stuff can result in a dull sound,but don’t start tossing things because typically,the furnishings found in most living rooms provide the right acoustic characteristics to allow the speakers to sound balanced;

Concrete floors and walls aggravate low-frequency standing wave problems so are less preferred;

Rooms where height, width and length are similar should be avoided as they can exhibit significant lowfrequency standing wave problems. This may result in reduced clarity.If no other room is possible,experiment with speaker placement to minimize acoustic problems.

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Getting the best from my Paradigms (cont’d)

Table Stands or Wall Brackets?

It’s up to you … we’ve included both.You can put your Paradigms on a pedestal (where they deserve to be!) or like the gorgeous works of art they are, you can mount them on the wall (also a deserving choice!). See the illustrations later in this manual for everything you need to know about attaching the stands and wall brackets.



On Stands (see illustration at right)

For the most accurate timbral balance,place your front speakers so that their high-frequency drivers (tweeters) point toward the listening area and sound arrives at approximately ear level. Follow the guidelines for distance on the illustration at right.

On-Wall (see illustration at right)

Follow the placement directions above and refer to the guidelines for distance on the illustration at right.

TIP! Stands and brackets are designed to let you tilt your L/R Paradigms either slightly up or down for optimal clarity.

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Getting the best from my Paradigms (cont’d)


On Stand (see illustration at right)

Place the center speaker on its stand below the display so that sound arrives as close to ear level as possible. Speaker should sit about the same distance away from the listening area as the other front speakers. Some receivers and processors electronically adjust for differences in distance between speakers … check to see if yours does.

On-Wall (see illustration at right)

Place the center speaker above or below the display, whichever position brings sound closest to ear level. It should sit about the same distance away from the main listening areas as the front speakers. See note above about electronic adjustment for distance.

TIP! The stand and bracket allow you to tilt the center speaker slightly up or down for optimal clarity and dialog intelligibility.

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Getting the best from my Paradigms (cont’d)

or On-Wall

or On-Wall

Positioning my Paradigm fronts and center speaker

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Getting the best from my Paradigms (cont’d)


On Table Stands or on the Wall (see illustration below)

For realistic surround sound, keep these speakers well away from the listening area.

Positioning my Paradigm surrounds

Take ‘surround’ to the max without maxing out your plastic!

If you want to maximize the surround experience,for a very reasonable cost you can add two MilleniaOne rear speakers (purchase these from your dealer).

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Getting the best from my Paradigms (cont’d)

A bit about bass

Despite their pixie proportions, your Paradigms will deliver sensational (and chances are, more than enough!) bass for most of the listening you will do,but position them away from corners and out a little bit from the wall behind them … that way you’ll get lots of output with good clarity.

TIP! The absolute deepest, most riveting bass, the kind that scares the cat and makes waves in the fish bowl,the kind you feel in your gut,can really only come from a Paradigm subwoofer.If,after listening for a while,you want more bass and deeper bass,see your dealer … there’s a MilleniaSub to match your system (for a sneak peek at this baby, turn to page 9).

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Hooking ’em up

TIP! Attach speaker cable before attaching your Paradigms to stands or brackets

Turn your amplifier OFF before connecting your Paradigms. This will avoid damage which could result from accidental shorting of speaker cables

Your Paradigms are equipped with binding posts to be used with bare wire. Using high-quality speaker cable (see your dealer),carefully connect one speaker at a time to your amplifier.

Connect the red (+) amplifier terminal to the red (+) speaker terminal and the black (–) to the black (–) (see illustration at right).Tighten the posts firmly by hand, but don’t over-tighten them.

Turn your amplifier on and listen to your Paradigms.If you notice a complete lack of mid-bass and a dislocated image,one or more of them may be connected out-of-phase (their polarity is reversed). Re-check to ensure that each speaker’s cable is connected with correct polarity: red (+) to red (+) and black (–) to black (–).

Make sure all wires are firmly fastened.

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Adding a Paradigm subwoofer

MilleniaSub (See your dealer for more information on this baby!)

“They say there’s someone for everyone. For me there’s the MilleniaOne system … don’t keep us apart any longer …”

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Paradigm MILLENIA ONE 2.0, MILLENIA ONE 3.0, MILLENIA ONE 5.0 User Manual

Putting my Paradigms on a pedestal (literally)

Make sure you don’t pinch the wires

NOTE: Center speaker’s stand is shaped

when attaching speakers to stands

differently to support horizontal placement


Center Speaker

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Putting my Paradigms on a pedestal (literally) (cont’d)

Left/Right Speakers

Top view

You can adjust the angle of tilt slightly up or down so that sound reaches the listening area at the correct height. Once you’ve done this, turn the stands slightly inward for better stereo imaging … i.e. so you know exactly where individual sounds are coming from. Movies and music will be more ‘lifelike’ this way.

Center Speaker

Side view

Adjust the angle of tilt up or down so that sound reaches the listening area at the correct height, optimizing clarity and dialog intelligibility … there’s nothing worse than watching a movie or listening to music and voices are muffled and unclear.

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