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OmniPage Pro for Visioneer PaperPort

Version 7.0

Release Notes

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About This Software

OmniPage Pro for Visioneer PaperPort is specially designed to work with scanners that support Visioneer PaperPort. It includes all the advanced OCR capabilities of OmniPage Pro plus special integration with PaperPort software.

These Release Notes are a supplement to the manual included in your package. Before installation, please read the following topics contained within this booklet:

Working With Visioneer PaperPort

Documentation Notes

General Notes on Using OmniPage Pro

OCR Aware Notes

Windows NT Support

Image-Editing Applications

True Page Formatting

Working With Visioneer PaperPort

Recommended Scanners

OmniPage Pro for Visioneer PaperPort is recommended for the following PaperPort-ready scanners:

Visioneer PaperPort Vx

Visioneer PaperPort ix

Visioneer PaperPort

Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4s

Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 4Si

Compaq Scanner Keyboard

Linking to OmniPage Pro

During installation, OmniPage Pro automatically integrates with your Visioneer PaperPort software. An OmniPage Pro icon is automatically added to the Link Bar at the bottom of the PaperPort Desktop. This allows you to open PaperPort images in OmniPage Pro.

OmniPage Pro icon


To open PaperPort images in OmniPage Pro:

1Select the images on the PaperPort Desktop.

2Drag the images onto the OmniPage Pro icon in the PaperPort Link Bar.

OmniPage Pro launches if it is not already open. The images are displayed in the image viewer.

Please see OmniPage Pro’s online help for information on creating zones and performing OCR on images.

Using OmniPage Pro OCR with Other Application Links

During installation, OmniPage Pro is set up as the default OCR engine in PaperPort. OmniPage Pro OCR is used when you drag PaperPort images onto text-based application icons — such as Microsoft Word — in the Link Bar.

To make sure OmniPage Pro OCR is used:

1Open PaperPort and choose Link Preferences... in the Edit menu. (The command is Preferences... in earlier versions of PaperPort.)

Click the icon of the application you want to check.

Make sure

OmniPage Pro for Visioneer PaperPort is selected.

Select the format in which you want OmniPage Pro to save a document after text recognition.

2Click the icon in the Category scroll list of the text-based application that you want to check.

3Make sure OmniPage Pro for Visioneer PaperPort is selected as the OCR Package.

4Repeat steps 2 and 3 for other text-based applications you want to check.

5Click OK to accept the current selections and close the dialog box.


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