Logitech ZMAP9701KB Quick Start Manual

Getting started with Logitech® Keyboard Case
for iPad® 2
1. Place the Logitech® Keyboard Case vertically on a non-slip surface.
2. Using two hands, place one hand on each side of the Keyboard Case, with thumbs situated just above the side with keyboard cutout.
* Make sure the 30-pin port is aligned with the cutout when closing.
3. Secure the Keyboard Case with one thumb and the iPad® 2 with your other thumb. Apply slight downward pressure to iPad 2 and separate.
1. Lift hinge and lock into place by sliding tab back into locking slots and applying slight pressure.
2. Place iPad 2 (either in portrait or landscape mode) into central groove, and rest against raised hinge.
Central groove
Powering on and pairing your Keyboard Case
The Keyboard Case’s Bluetooth keyboard should only need to pair to your iPad 2 once as follows:
1. On the Keyboard Case, slide the power button on. The red status light will illuminate for four seconds and then turn o to save power. Your Keyboard Case is still on.
2. Press the Connect button.
3. On the iPad 2, select: Settings > General > Bluetooth > On.
4. The status light will flash on Keyboard Case and the iPad 2 will
display “Logitech Keyboard Case” as an available device.
5. Select “Logitech Keyboard Case” on the iPad 2; the iPad 2 will display a code.
6. Type the code on the keyboard and press enter; Keyboard Case will now be paired to the iPad 2.
Special function keys
The Keyboard Case has been designed with special function keys to give you more control of your iPad 2.
Home Brings you to the iPad 2 home screen
Search Brings up the iPad 2 search screen
Slideshow Starts playing slideshow of saved pictures
Virtual keyboard Allows you to hide or show iPad 2 on
screen keyboard
Cut (Command-X)
Copy (Command-C)
Paste (Command-V)
Undo (Command-Z)
Redo (Command-Shift-Z)
Previous track Skips to previous track on current playlist
Play/Pause Starts or stops current playlist
Next track Skips to next track on current playlist
Mute Mutes audio on iPad 2
Volume down Decreases volume on iPad 2
Volume up Increases volume on iPad 2
Lock Makes the iPad 2 screen go dark and come back
when pressed again
International Keyboard Toggles between international keyboards
Lights and buttons
Charging light (blue): turns on when charging, turns o when fully charged
Status light (red):
1. Flashes when battery is low (approximately 20% is remaining.
This should give you 2–4 days to recharge)
2. Flashes when pairing
3. Lights briefly when you turn on Keyboard Case, then turns o
to save battery
Status light
Charging light
Bluetooth button
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