JAMO AT-101 User Manual

JAMO AT-101 User Manual


WARNING: Improper installation could result in damage to the amplifier. Read all instructions before installation.


The Jamo AT-101 Audio Stereo Attenuator with automatch can be used as a volume control for up to 64 pairs of speakers.


The AT-101 should not be located close to light switches/dimmers as this may cause a hum in the speakers. If the AT-101 is located close to these devices it must be mounted in a separatly grounded electrical box. Speaker cables/wires should also be as far away from electrical wires as possible.


The amplifier must be turned OFF before you install the AT-101 and/ or speakers or it may cause damage to the amplifier.

When connecting speaker cables/wires from the amplifier to the AT-101 and from the AT-101 to the speakers make sure LEFT (L) is connected to LEFT (L), RIGHT (R) to RIGHT (R), POSITIVE (+) to POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) to NEGATIVE (-). If terminals are colour coded, RED is POSITIVE (+) and BLACK is NEGATIVE (-). For installation of more than 1 pair of speakers see „Impedance matching“.


Before turning on the amplifier turn the amplifier volume to minimum. Turn the AT-101(s) to maximum volume (clockwise). Turn the amplifier on and slowly turn up the volume to the highest desired level without distortion from the speakers.

The volume of all speakers are now controlled by the AT-101(s) and the amplifier volume control should not be used.

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