JAMO C 80 User Manual

JAMO C 80 User Manual

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Jamo c 80 series

Danish Sound Design

Jamo C 80 series

C 80 is a series of top of the range stereo and surround speakers from Jamo. Based on the experience our development team gained from creating classic models such as the E 8 and D 5, this series of seven speakers draw on the very latest speaker technologies and construction techniques.

The aim of this series is to recreate the perfect concert experience - nothing more and nothing less. Regardless of size, every speaker in the series is represented by the capital C as in Concert. The sculptural C 80 speakers, with their exceptional level of finish and perfectly balanced sound, are a tribute to the great music and film experiences that we all love and take such remarkable pleasure from.

As all of the speakers in the series are developed using the same uncompromising philosophy, it’s possible to combine them in a number of different ways. Sonically the C 80 family is characterised by its genuinely authentic acoustics. The series always conveys highly detailed and beautifully sound across the entire frequency spectrum. And selecting a system that includes the unique C 80 SUB will deliver an almost shockingly well-defined, dynamic auditory experience.

Whether you are looking for the ideal cinematic thrill or the perfect musical experience, the C 80 series is guaranteed to blow your acoustic window wide open.

C 809 / C 807 / C 805

Made for serious listening

The flagship of the C 80 series is the C 809. And here we’re not just talking about another high quality speaker from Jamo. This impressive 3-way speaker is the very embodiment of Danish Sound Design – superbly cutting-edge sound technology enclosed in beautifully designed cabinets of the highest quality and finish.

One level down you will find the C 807 – an exceptionally melodic speaker. The C 807 is the natural choice front speaker for any high-end surround system. Yet it can also deliver a great musical experience performing as a stereo speaker – either with or without the C 80 SUB.

Although the woofer units have been adjusted in size to fit the smaller cabinet, technically speaking the C 805 has exactly the same state-of-the-art technology armoury as its bigger brothers. This makes C 805 a real best buy if you want to reproduce genuine concert and cinema sound in a smaller room, preferably backed up by the C 80 SUB.

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Spelt with a capital C as in Concert

C 803 / C 803 IW

Made for more ...

Like the whole C 80 range, C 803 is constructed with arch-shaped sides that, together with internal bracing, makes the cabinet extremely rigid. This ensures a clean and well-defined reproduction of midrange detail.

If you want a fully integrated sound solution then consider our C 803 IW, which is an identical in-wall version of C 803. C 803 IW is supplied with both a paintable grill and a black front cloth.

C 80 CEN

Screened for the screen

C 80 CEN uses the same tweeter as the rest of the C 80 range to achieve optimum vocal clarity, partnered by a pair of the same drivers used in C 805 and C 80 SUR for maximum timbral accuracy. Natu­ rally the C 80 CEN centre speaker is magnetically shielded to avoid image distortion, when used in combination with a traditional CRT television. Thanks to the rubber cradle it is easy to adjust the angle of the speaker in relation to your listening position.

C 80 SUR

Welcome to reality

If you want to create the perfect surround sound experience it’s vital that the rear speakers generate sound diffusely. The C 80 SUR add to this experience by performing as left and right surround speakers to create the perfect interaction with the front speakers.

To improve the performance of the dipolar arrangement Jamo has developed the unique eXtended Bass Response (XBR) system. This allows the C 80 SUR to combine the best from both bipolar and dipolar configurations.

If you wish an even more discreet surround solution you may alternatively consider the unique in-ceiling surround speaker SU6.521K4 from our Custom program. This would work perfect with e.g. C 803 IW as front speaker.

C 80 SUB

How low can you go?

C 80 SUB is a front and rear-firing subwoofer equipped with two 254mm/10mm aluminium cone woofers in a closed cabinet.

The heart of this low frequency power plant is a 1800W BASH amplifier, which should be more than enough for both the most demanding music lovers and serious film fans everywhere. With C 80 SUB you not only get the traditional options of adjusting and fine tuning your subwoofer’s sound level, phase and cut-off frequency, you also get a variable boundary gain compensation, giving you the opportunity to offset the harmful effects that a room can have on sound at the lowest frequency levels. C 80 SUB also features Motional Feedback (MFB) technology which results in a very accurate and dynamic sound.

C 80 SUB also features a 12V trigger input, so it can be turned on and off from a A/V receiver/controller that has a 12V output, ensuring that the subwoofer always will be active when the A/V receiver/controller is turned on.

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