Intel D815EEA2, D815EPEA2 User Manual

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Intel® Desktop Boards D815EEA2 and D815EPEA2

For Intel® Pentium® III and Intel® CeleronProcessors

Solid Performance and Outstanding Flexibility

product brief

Intel introduces the new Intel® Desktop Boards, D815EEA2 and D815EPEA2,

designed to utilize proven technology, excellent design and solid performance.

The Intel® 815E and the Intel® 815EP chipsets offer two platform options:

Intel® Desktop Board D815EEA2 features the Intel® 815E chipset with Intel integrated graphics. Intel® Desktop Board D815EPEA2 features the Intel® 815EP chipset without integrated graphics.

Solid Performance

As second-generation boards, D815EEA2 and D815EPEA2 offer additional features for increased flexibility cost-effective platform. System integrators can confidently offer value, reliability and multiple

options to fit their customer’s needs. They are powerful and productive desktop boards with the right features to optimize desktop PC solutions.

Outstanding Flexibility

With D815EEA2 and D815EPEA2 integrators can design and build custom configurations based on specific technology requirements, while maintaining the flexibility to alter or upgrade later.

Numerous options allow both desktop boards to be integrated to fit the user’s needs including Intel® PRO/100 Network Connection (integrated LAN). Both desktop boards support the performance of Intel® Pentium® III processors with 133/100-MHz system bus as well as the value of Intel® Celeronprocessors with 100/66-MHz system bus. Five PCI slots allow further expansion of the board’s capabilities. Graphics are flexible with the choice of utilizing Intel integrated graphics

(D815EEA2) or adding a high-performance Universal 4X AGP card (both D815EEA2 and D815EPEA2) for gamers or customers using graphic intensive applications.

Continued Technology Leadership

Designed to support leading-edge technologies, Desktop Boards D815EEA2 and D815EPEA2 ensure maximum productivity and reliability. These full-featured ATX desktop boards utilize three DIMM sockets for a maximum of 512 MB of memory.

Additional platform enhancements include:

Digital Video Output (DVO), supports flat panel, digital CRT or TV-Out cards (D815EEA2 only)

Ultra ATA/100, disk support for faster disk access

Intel® Rapid BIOS Boot, speeds up the Power On Self Test (POST)

Instantly Available PC (Suspend-to-RAM), enables advanced power saving features

Intel® Active Monitor, monitors system’s temperatures, power supply voltages and fan speeds

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