Gateway 5300, 5350, SOLO 5300 5350 REMOVE REPLACE KEYBOARD schematic

Gateway 5300, 5350, SOLO 5300 5350 REMOVE REPLACE KEYBOARD schematic

Replacing the Solo 5350 Keyboard

Replacing the Solo 5350 Keyboard

This package includes a replacement keyboard for your Solo 5350 notebook and these printed instructions.

Tools you need

You will need a small Phillips screwdriver, a small flat blade screwdriver, and a soft cloth to replace the keyboard.

Preventing static electricity discharge

The components inside your notebook are extremely sensitive to static electricity, also known as electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Caution ESD can permanently damage electrostatic discharge sensitive components in the notebook. Prevent ESD damage by following ESD guidelines every time you open the notebook case.

Warning To avoid exposure to dangerous electrical voltages and moving parts, turn off your notebook and unplug the power cord and modem cable before opening the case.

Before replacing the keyboard, follow these guidelines:

Turn off the notebook power.

Wear a grounding wrist strap (available at most electronics stores) and attach it to a bare metal part of the notebook (example: serial port).

Warning To prevent risk of electric shock, do not insert any object into the vent holes of the notebook. (1 of 9)7/28/2004 3:37:46 AM

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Replacing the Solo 5350 Keyboard

Touch a bare metal surface on the back of the notebook.

Unplug the AC adapter and modem cable.

Remove the batteries.

Before working with notebook components, follow these guidelines:

Avoid static-causing surfaces such as carpeted floors, plastic, and packing foam.

Remove components from their antistatic bags only when you are ready to use them. Do not lay components on the outside of antistatic bags because only the inside of the bags provide electrostatic protection.

Removing the keyboard

To remove the keyboard:

1.Follow the guidelines under "Preventing static electricity discharge".

2.Shut down your notebook, then unplug the AC adapter and modem or network cable.


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power. (2 of 9)7/28/2004 3:37:46 AM

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