Gateway 420, 500, 510, 520, 535 Quick Start Manual

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WARNING! To protect your computer during electrical storms,
unplug the power cord and the modem and network cables.
IMPORTANT: Connect devices, such as a printer or scanner, after you
complete the Windows setup. Follow the instructions that came with the device.
NEED MORE HELP? If you need help while setting up your computer, call our Automated Troubleshooting System
at 800-846-2118 and choose option 7. When prompted, enter the PIN 531 followed by #. If you need help after
setting up your computer, go to the Gateway eSupport Web site at
Connect the mouse
Follow the instructions provided inside the speaker box.
Connect your broadband Internet (optional) Plug in your monitor and computer
Turn on the monitor and computer
Connect the modem (optional)
Connect your monitor (depending on your model)
If available, connect to Add-in video, otherwise connect to Integrated video.
Setting up your Gateway computer
Connect the keyboard
to network
Speakers may vary
Add-in video Integrated video