Fisher & Paykel WH7560J2 Specifications Sheet

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QuickSmart™ 7.5 kg
QuickSmart™ Front Loader utilises our SmartDrive™
technology to eliminate the belt drive, delivering the
ultimate clothes care. Using our direct drive motor this
washer is whisper quiet. A revolutionary Vortex wash
9 cycles when set to wash at a temperature 30°c or
lower will complete the cycle in well under an hour.
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T 08000 886 486 W
Depth 590mm
A 850mm
B 600mm
Features & Benefits
What is SmartDrive™?
By combining smart electronics and a direct drive motor
that connects directly to the wash drum, the need for a belt
and pulleys is removed and the motor constantly provides
feedback to a computer controlling the tumble and spin
SmartTouch™ Control Dial
The SmartTouch™ Control Dial is your interface to
SmartDrive™ Technology. It distils 21 years of SmartDrive
development into a user-friendly interface, to deliver and
expert wash every time through 9 and 13 pre-programmed
wash cycles.
Hot and Cold Fill
Unlike many other Front Loaders ours can be installed with
both hot and cold water inlets. This gives the option of cold
water heated in the washer, or both hot and cold direct
from the inlet, for better energy efficiency and quicker wash
Energy Water Efficiency
Our SmartDrive™ Front Loaders deliver a 4.5 star Water
Rating as well as a 4 Star Energy Rating, making them one of
the most efficient front loaders on the market.
Quick Vortex Wash Cycles
Fisher & Paykel have developed the Vortex Wash which
speeds up the cleaning process so most cycles take less than
an hour to complete. This is like an explosion in the midst
of the tumble action which thrusts the sudsy water from the
bottom of the drum into and through the clothes. By getting
the cleaning agents and heat into the fibres of the clothes
quicker the clothes get clean quicker.
Whisper Quiet
SmartDrive™ technology uses a direct drive motor that
removes the need for belts, pulleys and the traditional block
of concrete to hold the machine down in spin cycle. Without
these old components, SmartDrive™ washers are more
reliable, produce less vibration and noise levels are reduced
to a whisper quiet.
Annual Energy Consumption 285 kWh/year
Energy Star rating 4
Water Consumption l/cycle 64 L
Water rating 4.5
SPEC SHEET › WH7560J2QuickSmart™ 7.5 kg Date: 09.11.2016 › 2
Main features
Capacity (dry load) 7.5 kg
Noise (spin) 55 dBA
Noise (wash) 49 dBA
Max spin speed 1100 rpm
Opening door 170°
Vortex Wash
Wash profiles 9
Parts & Labour
Parts only Direct Drive Motor 10 year Direct Drive Motor
2 year comprehensive
manufacturers warranty
Wash cycles
Drum Clean
Easy Iron
Wash Programmes 9
Wash features
Auto out of balance correction
Automatic water level
Delay start
Excess foam detection
Extra rinse option
Flood protection
Fully electronic
Smart Diagnosis of problems
SmartProtect Flood Protection
Stainless steel drum
Time to go
Variable spin speed
Wash progress indicator
Water inlet Hot & Cold
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