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Carl Zeiss

Initial start-up

Axio Imager

Motorized stand


Plug connecting plug (3-12/2) of power supply


230 (3-12/3) into the corresponding connector


(3-12/1) on the rear side of the stand.

Plug the power cable first into the power connector (3-12/4) of the power supply 230 and then into a power outlet. The power supply can be connected to a line voltage of 100 … 127 or 200 … 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. The power unit is set automatically to the line voltage available.

Fig. 3-12 Axio Imager, motorized

3.1.11 HAL 100 halogen illuminator

The HAL 100 illuminator is used as light source for transmitted-light and reflected-light techniques (except fluorescence) on the Axio Imager. Attachment to the reflected-light or transmittedlight socket is performed analogously. Attaching the HAL 100 halogen illuminator

Remove the protective cap from the reflectedlight or transmitted light socket.

Insert the dovetail mount of the lamp housing (3-13/9) into the corresponding socket (3-13/2 or 3-13/6) and, using the SW 3 ball-headed screwdriver, tighten it with clamping screw (3-13/1 or 3-13/8).

Insert 3-pole lamp plug (3-13/7) into 3-pole 12 V/100 W connector (3-13/3 – for reflected

Fig. 3-13 Attaching the HAL 100 halogen


light or 3-13/5 - for transmitted light) on the

back of the instrument.



Switch the toggle switch for transmitted/


reflected light (3-13/4) to the required position.

The light manager functionality depends on the position of the toggle switch.


B 46-0046 e 04/05




Axio Imager

Initial start-up

Carl Zeiss
 the HAL 100 halogen



Coarse adjustment


Loosen clamping screw (3-13/1 or 3-13/8) and



remove the operational halogen illuminator



from the microscope stand.


Switch on microscope as described in Section





Direct the light beam to a projection surface



(wall) that is at least 3 m away.



Do not look into the light exit aperture



of the illuminator.


Using the SW 3 ball-headed screwdriver turn



adjusting screw (3-14/3) until both images of



the lamp filament appear as sharp as possible

Fig. 3-14 Adjusting the HAL 100 halogen


on the projection surface.

Then, turn adjusting screws (3-14/4 and 5) until



the lamp filament of one image exactly fills the gaps of the reflected filament image (3-14/1).

(2)Fine adjustment

Reattach the microscope illuminator to the microscope stand and lock it with the clamping screw.

Move diffusion disk for reflected or transmitted light out and remove the filter wheels from the respective slot.

With an objective of ≤ 40x, focus on the specimen and search for a free place on the specimen.

Remove eyepiece and, in the pupil image visible in the eyepiece socket, center the lamp filament and its reflection with adjusting screws (3-14/4 and 5).

Using adjusting screws (3-14/3) optimize the evenness of illumination of the pupil image.

It is advisable to use the adjusting aid (4-1/5) for fine adjustment of the halogen illuminator mounted to the reflected-light socket. After pulling out the adjusting aid, the lamp filament and its reflection can be viewed directly in its viewing glass.

Move the diffusion disk in and reinsert the filter wheels.

B 46-0046 e 04/05


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