TOA Electronics WM-370 User Manual

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[Operating Instructions]



Please follow the instructions in this manual to obtain the optimum results from this unit. We also recommend you keep this manual handy for future reference.


Compact and light weight, the TOA WM-370 is a lavalier type wireless microphone for speech. It incorporates a uni-directional electret condenser microphone to minimize feedback, and a compressor/expander system noise reduction circuit to minimize the influence of high-frequency noise generated from digital equipment such as personal computers and word processors.


Internal loop antenna.

Small size, light weight and high reliability. Continuous operation for 12 hours or more on one alkaline battery (LR6/1.5V).

Two battery indicators (green and red). Internal I.D. signal generator for tone squelch.

Compressor/expander system noise reduction circuit.


Take care not to drop the unit on to a hard floor. Do not flip nor blow into the microphone head.

Avoid placing the unit in areas of extremely high humidity and temperature.

Never open the unit nor touch its internal components.

Clean the unit's exterior periodically with a soft dry cloth. If it gets very dirty, wipe first with a soft damp cloth lightly soaked in a neutral detergent, and then dry with a soft cloth.

Never use thinner, benzine, or other solvents, which may damage plastic part of the unit.

Remove the battery if the unit is to be stored for two weeks or more.


Remove a battery to expose the control. Use a Philips screwdriver to adjust it. The sensitivity increases as the control is rotated clockwise, and decreases as rotated counterclockwise. Usually leave the control intact.

Gain control

TOA Corporation

TOA Electronics WM-370 User Manual


Use LR6 type alkaline battery.

1.Remove the battery cover by sliding in the direction indicated by the arrow on the unit surface. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1

2.Observing correct polarity instructed inside the battery compartment, insert a battery. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2

3. Replace the cover.


1.The alkaline battery LR6 can be continuously used for approximately 12 hours. (The manganese battery R6 for approximately four hours.)

2.Battery indicator

When the battery voltage is sufficient, the green LED lights. The green LED becomes dimmer as the battery voltage drops, and the red LED lights.

In such a case, renew the alkaline battery LR8 inside an hour or two (renew the manganese battery R6 inside a half hour.).

Red Green



1.Verify that the receiver frequency is identical with the microphone (transmitter) frequency.

2.Plug the microphone cable into the transmitter

assembly. (Fig. 4)

Microphone head


Fig. 4

3. Fit a microphone clip to a head assembly along a groove in the assembly, and clip the head assem- bly to a lapel or necktie, as shown in Fig. 5. The clip can rotate 360° for attachment from any direction.

Fig. 5

4.Set the microphone on/off switch to ON, and verify that the green battery indicator lights.

5.Place a transmitter assembly in a pocket or clip it to a belt.

6.Set the on/off switch to OFF after use and verify that the green LED is extinguished.

Fig. 3

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