TOA Electronics U727 User Manual

TOA Electronics U727 User Manual

Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem by Novatel Wireless Ovation™ U727

WINDOWS Quick Start Sheet

Detailed instructions on installation, activation, and basic information on using the device are in the comprehensive Quick Start Guide booklet that was included in the product packaging and is also available online at

1.Setup an account with Sprint

You will need to set up an account with Sprint in order to activate and begin using your device.

If you will be using your device primarily for business purposes, call 1-888-788-4727.

If your device is intended primarily for personal use, call 1-888-715-4588.

2.Install the Sprint Mobile Broadband software and activate your device (WINDOWS)

Choose Automatic Installation (no CD required) or Full Installation (CD required).

Automatic Installation does not require the CD. This version is smaller than the Full version and does not include firmware update packages. (You may upgrade to the Full version at any time.)

1.Insert the device and allow the software and drivers to load on to your computer.

2.Continue with auto-activation and then connect to Sprint Mobile Broadband.

Full Installation requires the Installation CD that was included in the product packaging. This version includes a complete help file, firmware upgrade options, and information about your software.

1.Insert the Installation CD.

2.Follow the onscreen prompts and wait till prompted to insert the device and drivers.

3.Continue with auto-activation and then connect to Sprint Mobile Broadband.

3.Activate your device

Before you can use your device on the network, you must activate your device and account with Sprint. The One-Touch Activation Wizard makes activation a quick and easy task. The following steps guide you through the activation process.

Successfully install the software either by Automatic Installation or Full Installation referenced above and then ensure the device is properly inserted into the computer.

Double click to open the new Sprint Mobile Broadband icon on the desktop.

Automatic Activation launches and a window appears explaining that the device is not currently activated. Click Yes to activate or No to cancel.

(NOTE: If you have not activated the device, the activation window appears the next time you click Go on the Sprint Mobile Broadband interface. You will be prompted to activate your device the next time you attempt to connect to Sprint Mobile Broadband.)

If you select Yes, please wait a few moments. During this time, Sprint Mobile Broadband may display “Preparing Services…,” followed by, “Please wait.”

Once the activation process completes, Sprint Mobile Broadband displays, “Disconnected,” the default Ready-to-Connect state.

4.Connect to and Disconnect from Sprint Mobile Broadband.

Verify that the device is properly inserted into the computer and that the antenna is fully extended.

Double-click the Sprint Mobile Broadband (Novatel Wireless) desktop icon to launch the software.

Click Go to connect to the Sprint Mobile Broadband network.

Click Stop to disconnect from the Sprint Mobile Broadband network.