TOA Electronics F-2352SC User Manual

1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS .......................... 2
2. GENERAL DESCRIPTION ........................ 3
3. FEATURES ................................................ 3
5. INSTALLATION ......................................... 4
7. REPAINTING THE SPEAKER .................. 10
8. SPECIFICATIONS .................................... 11
Accessories ............................................... 11
Optional Components ................................ 11
Please follow the instructions in this manual to obtain the optimum results from this unit. We also recommend that you keep this manual handy for future reference.
• Leave the installation to your TOA dealer because the installation requires expert knowledge. Improper installation may cause the unit to fall, resulting in personal injury and/or property damage.
• Install the unit in a location that can structurally support the weight of the unit and its mounting hardware. Doing otherwise may result in the unit falling down and causing personal injury and/or property damage.
• Do not use other methods than specified to mount the unit. Extreme force is applied to the unit and the unit could fall off, possibly resulting in personal injuries.
• Tighten each screw securely. Ensure that the unit has no loose joints after installation to prevent accidents that could result in personal injury.
• Do not hold the diffuser as a handle to carry the unit. If the diffuser breaks off, the unit falls off, resulting in possible personal injury.
• Use the specified mounting hardware in combination. Doing otherwise may cause the unit or component to fall off, resulting in personal injury.
• Should the following irregularity be found during use, immediately stop operating the unit and contact your nearest TOA dealer. Further attempt to use under this condition may cause fire or electric shock.
· If you detect smoke or a strange smell coming
from the unit
· If no tone sounds
• Avoid installing the unit in humid or dusty locations, in locations exposed to the direct sunlight, near the heaters, or in locations generating sooty smoke or steam as doing otherwise may result in fire or electric shock.
• Do not operate the unit for an extended period of time with the sound distorting. This is an indication of a malfunction, which in turn can cause heat to generate and result in a fire.
• Avoid touching the unit's sharp metal edge to prevent injury.
• Be sure to read the instructions in this section carefully before use.
• Make sure to observe the instructions in this manual as the conventions of safety symbols and messages regarded as very important precautions are included.
• We also recommend you keep this instruction manual handy for future reference.
Safety Symbol and Message Conventions
Safety symbols and messages described below are used in this manual to prevent bodily injury and property damage which could result from mishandling. Before operating your product, read this manual first and understand the safety symbols and messages so you are thoroughly aware of the potential safety hazards.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if mishandled, could result in death or serious personal injury.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if mishandled, could result in moderate or minor personal injury, and/or property damage.
The F-2352SC is a 2-way, flush-mounted ceiling speaker that offers a wide frequency range and high-quality sound output. Use of optional mounting hardware permits versatile mounting to match a wide range of applications and installation locations.
A rear-open type 2-way speaker system employing a speaker element designed to provide a wide frequency range.
Wide-dispersion flush-mount ceiling speaker design employs unique acoustic construction to realize a wide area of coverage. Uniform sound output levels are achievable not only directly under the speaker, but also over a wide radius.
Because the speaker is provided with both low- and high-impedance operating capability, it can be used in many different applications. Front panel-mounted input selector switch permits easy verification and change of current impedance settings, even after installation.
Easy installation. Can be quickly and accurately mounted to ceilings and walls.
Rotating front grille can be installed quickly and conveniently.
Attractive exterior design specially created by an interior designer blends naturally with any architectural
space, enhancing the immediate area's sense of harmony.
Use of the optional HY-BC1 permits exposed speaker installation.
Front grille (accessory)
ø230 (9
[Side] [Rear]
41 (1 39/64)
154 (6
Unit: mm (inches)
Dust cover
Push-in terminal
[Ceiling mounting]
Max. 113 (4
Mounting hole: ø200 (7
Max. 37 (1
Ceiling panel
The F-2352SC ceiling speaker can be mounted in 6 different configurations:
Step 1. Cut a ø200 mm (7 7/8") hole in the ceiling.
Use the supplied paper pattern to position and trace the hole.
Mount the speaker using the most appropriate method for the ceiling panel or installation location.
A dust cover is pre-mounted on the rear of the speaker at the factory. Pay attention not to accidentally take it off during speaker installation.
• Direct mounting to a strong ceiling panel
No additional hardware required.
• Direct mounting to a weak ceiling panel
Use the optional HY-RR2 Reinforcement Ring.
• Mounting to a ceiling frame
Use the optional HY-RR2 in conjunction with the optional HY-TB1 Tile Bar Bridge.
• Ceiling mounting in a larger than specified hole
Use the optional HY-RR2 in conjunction with the optional HY-TR1 Trim Ring.
• Mounting to an anchor bolt
Use the optional HY-RR2 in conjunction with the optional HY-AH1 Anchor Hanging Bracket.
• Hanging from a ceiling suspension pipe (exposed installation)
Use the optional HY-BC1 Back Can.
Step 2. Mount fittings to a ceiling or hanging pipe.
Tip: Skip this step when the ceiling is strong (no additional hardware needed).
2-1. Direct mounting to a weak ceiling panel
Fold the optional HY-RR2 Reinforcement Ring in half* and insert it through the mounting hole in the ceiling panel, then open it with its tabs facing up. Place the ring on the ceiling panel aligning it with the mounting hole.
* The HY-RR2 is too large to be inserted into
the mounting hole unless folded.
ø200 ±5 mm (7
/8 ±13/64")
Ceiling panel
Mounting hole
HY-RR2 (optional)
HY-RR2 placed on ceiling panel
These tabs must face upward, away from the hole.
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