Marantz PM8003 User Manual

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Integrated Amplifier

If the Marantz PM8003 were a boxer and not an integrated amplifier, it would automatically top the “best pound-for-pound” ratings. That’s because it possesses a rare combination of power and finesse that results in totally fulfilling music reproduction. From its elegant appearance to its refined circuitry, the PM8003 is convincing to listen to and convenient to use. In short, it’s simply another Marantz legend in the making.

Sophisticated new aluminum/reinforced resin front panel

Fully discrete current-feedback amplifier

Constant current feedback phono preamplifier

High quality Headphone section

Brand new HDAM-SA3 modules

Double-shielded large capacity Toroidal power transformer

Marantz-custom power supply capacitors

Short signal path construction

High instantaneous peak current capability

Audiophile-grade semiconductors throughout

Marantz original design custom speaker binding posts

Power amp direct input & Pre Out

Gold plated rear panel terminals

Triple layer bottom chassis


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