Infinity CC-2 User Manual

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Infinity CC-2 User Manual


Model CC-2

2-Way Center-Channel Speaker

Owner’s Manual

Infinity CC-2 Center-Channel Speaker Owner’s Manual 10


VOICE-MATCHING... The Infinity CC-2 is a low-profile 2-way speaker system designed specifically for center-channel use. It features extended high-frequency response and a fine-adjustment voice-matching control, all designed to help seamlessly integrate the sound of the CC-2 with other speakers in your home theater system.

FLEXIBLE PLACEMENT... This efficient, magnetically-shielded speaker requires only minimal power to produce sound levels greater than those heard in a movie theater. The accompanying speaker stand allows a vertical tilt range of 25 degrees for ideal sound coverage whether placed on top of or below the television.

ABOUT THIS MANUAL... Please read the remaining pages before connecting and operating the CC-2 speaker. Maximum performance is dependent on following these instructions, as well as those listed in the owner’s manuals of associated components in your home theater system. Save these instructions for future reference. These speakers are covered by a limited five-year warranty, so save the bill of sale to protect your purchase and aid in any service-related questions.


Finish unpacking the speaker and check the contents. If you suspect damage from transit, report it immediately to your dealer and/or delivery service. Keep the shipping carton and packing materials for future use.

PARTS LIST... Please verify that the package contains the following items:

(1) CC-2 Center-Channel Speaker

(1) Speaker Stand

(1) Owner’s Manual

(1) Warranty Card

TOOLS AND SUPPLIES You may also need the following tools and supplies: (NOT ENCLOSED)... High-quality speaker wire

Wire strippers

Banana plugs or spade terminals (if desired)

Infinity CC-2 Center-Channel Speaker Owner’s Manual 1

Figure 1. The CC-2 center-channel speaker can be placed on top of a television or on shelf directly above or below the set.


To help plan your home theater system, study the layout in Figure 1, which represents a typical living room where the home theater system is the main focus.

For best results, the CC-2 center-channel speaker should be placed horizontally in its stand on top of the television or on a shelf directly above the set (see Placement on the next page). Or, if space is at a premium, an alternate location is below the television on a shelf. Make sure the CC-2 faces the viewing audience.

CC-2 for Center

(on top or below TV)

Front Left

Front Right

(on shelf)

(on shelf)





Rear Left

(on floor)

Rear Right



(on stand)

(on stand)


Listening Area

2 Infinity CC-2 Center-Channel Speaker Owner’s Manual

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