4ipnet EAP100 V2.10 Quick Install Guide

4ipnet EAP100 V2.10 Quick Install Guide










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4ipnet EAP100 is a high-end Access Point (AP) with the best price/ performance for business and industrial applications and is compliant with the latest industrial wireless security standards that are required in the tightly secured enterprise network environments. Its Wireless Distribution System (WDS) feature allows for flexible extension of wireless coverage. The dual-PoE LAN ports, LAN1 and LAN2, can receive Power over Ethernet (PoE) and is capable of providing backups between each other with its failover function. This provides EAP100 with reliable connectivity. Its metal case is IP50 anti-dust compliant, which means that EAP100 is well suited to WLAN deployment in industrial environments.

This Quick Installation Guide provides instructions and reference materials for getting started with 4ipnet EAP100.

1.EAP100 x 1

2.Quick Installation Guide x 1

3.CD-ROM x 1

4.Console Cable x 1

5.Ethernet Cable x 1

6.Power Adapter (DC 12V) x 1

7.5dBi Antenna x 2

8.Mounting Kit x 1

9.Ground Cable x 1

It is recommended to keep the original packing material for possible future shipment when repair or maintenance is required. Any returned product should be packed in its original packaging to prevent damage during delivery.


















Front Panel


Figure 1 EAP100 Front Panel




Attach the power adapter here.



RESET Button

Press and hold the button for more than 10 seconds but no more than 30


seconds to restart the system. Hold the button for more than 30 seconds to


reset the device to factory defaults.



LAN 1 / LAN 2

The LAN ports are for connecting to wired networks.




Attach the serial cable here. The administrator may also obtain IP address


information of Ethernet ports from the console port.
















Rear Panel


Figure 2 EAP100 Rear Panel



Antenna Connector:

Attach the antennas here. EAP100 supports 1 RF interface and


2 SMA connectors for antenna connection.



Top Panel – LED


Figure 3 EAP100 Top Panel




Green LED On indicates power on; OFF indicates power off.



LAN 1 / LAN 2

OFF indicates no connection; ON indicates connection; CLINKING indicates


transmitting data.




Green LED ON indicates system ready.







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