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Unpacking a Chassis


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This Switch 4005 Key Information Guide provides instructions on how to unpack the Switch 4005 chassis and other components, describes the documentation set, and provides information on included services, the software license agreement, and compliance to country and regional standards for electrical emissions and safety.

If the information in the Switch 4005 Release Notes differs from the information in this guide, follow the instructions in the release notes. Release notes are not included in the product shipping boxes. To obtain them, visit the 3Com Web site. Begin from the “Find Documentation” link on this page:


Audience Definition This guide is intended for the network administrator who is responsible for unpacking and installing the network hardware. This guide assumes that the network administrator has a working knowledge of local area network (LAN) operations, but it does not assume prior knowledge of Switch 4005 high performance networking equipment. Furthermore, this guide assumes that the network administrator has obtained the appropriate technical training and experience to perform tasks in service access areas of network equipment, to be aware of electrical hazards or other hazards that exist in performing these tasks, and to take steps that minimize the danger to themselves or other persons.


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The Switch 4005 documentation set includes the following documents:

Switch 4005 Key Information Guide (this guide)

Switch 4005 Installation and Maintenance Guide

Switch 4005 Software Configuration Guide

Switch 4005 Release Notes

To read a brief description of each document, to understand how each document is distributed in paper or electronic format, or to learn how to order additional paper copies or to download electronic copies, see Chapter 2 in this guide.



This chapter contains important instructions and information about the shipping box that you have opened.

Because this guide is included in the shipping box of every item in the Switch 4005 product set, this guide may contain more information than you need. However, you should be able to easily locate the information that applies to the box that you have opened.

This chapter includes the following sections:

Unpacking a Chassis — seepage 8

Unpacking a Module — seepage 11

Unpacking a Power Supply — seepage 13

Unpacking a Fan Tray — seepage 14


Unpacking a


Your chassis will have the following preinstalled components:

One power supply

Two fan trays

Either of the following:

A Switch Fabric Management Module OR

A Switch Fabric Management Module plus a specified set of interface modules. This configuration may be labeled as a starter kit on your sales paperwork.

To unpack your Switch 4005 chassis, follow these steps:

1Before you continue to unpack the shipping box or install the product, carefully examine the box for signs of external damage. If the shipping box shows any signs of damage, replace any items that you have already removed, reseal the shipping box, and contact your network supplier (the company from which you purchased the product) immediately.

If you cannot contact your supplier, contact 3Com Customer Service:

If you are located in the United States or Canada, call 1-800-NET-3COM(1-800-638-3266)and select the numeric option to reach customer service and the product repair departments.

If you are located in another country, find the appropriate telephone

number from the 3Com Web site:


2If there is no or superficial external damage, use a sufficient number of people to move the heavy shipping box. Place it near the rack, table, or shelf where you plan to install the chassis.

WARNING: To minimize the risk of personal injury or equipment damage, have at least two people transport the shipping box.

WARNING: Safety regulations require that the rack, table, or shelf must be able to support at least three times the weight of a fully loaded chassis. A fully loaded Switch 4005 chassis weighs approximately 20.6 kg (45.5 lb) fully loaded. Therefore, the selected rack, table, or shelf must support at least 61.8 kg (136.5 lb).

Unpacking a Chassis


3By the time you read these instructions, you will have already opened the shipping box. If you followed the instructions that are printed on the outside of the shipping box, you turned the box 90 degrees from its shipment position before you opened it. This position allows you to easily pull and slide the contents out of the box laterally, rather than to lift them vertically out of the box.

4When you first opened the box, you should have seen:

The chassis wrapped in a plastic bag.

The chassis is held securely in place by foam supports on two sides and it is protected from dust and scratches by a plastic bag. One side of the chassis will be facing you.

The cardboard accessories tray located on top of the chassis.

5Pull the accessories tray out of the shipping box.

6Verify that the following items are included in the accessories tray:

One power cord that is appropriate for your country.

One hardware kit in a plastic bag that contains:

Two rack-mountflanges

Fourteen screws

Four rubber feet

One cable management device

Fourteen plastic ties

One standard null modem RS-232console cable

Three printed manuals:

Switch 4005 Key Information Guide (this guide)

Switch 4005 Installation and Maintenance Guide

Switch 4005 Software Configuration Guide

7Grasp the top and bottom of the chassis and slide it laterally out of the box. The foam supports should stay attached to the chassis.

8Remove the foam supports and unwrap the plastic bag from the chassis, taking care not to damage any components (such as modules) that are preinstalled in the chassis.

CAUTION: Do not grasp any part of the preinstalled modules when you remove the foam supports or plastic bag from the chassis, because you may damage them.


9Save the foam supports and plastic bag in case you need to pack up and move the chassis to a different site, or in case you need to return the chassis to your network supplier or to 3Com.

10Inspect the chassis and verify that it contains:

One power supply (rear, bottom left or right)

Two fan trays (rear, top left and right)

One Switch Fabric Management Module in slot M1 or M2 (front)

(Starter kits only) The correct type and number of interface modules:

Model Number 3C16830 holds five 8-port10/100BASE-TXInterface Modules (3C16828) in slots 1 through 5.

Model Number 3C16831 holds two 8-port10/100BASE-TXInterface Modules (3C16828) in slots 1 and 2, and two8-port100BASE-FXMT-RJInterface Modules (3C16829) in slots 3 and 4.

Model Number 3C16832 holds five 2-port1000BASE-TInterface Modules (3C16841) in slots 1 through 5.

Model Number 3C16833 holds five 2-port1000BASE-SXInterface Modules (3C16842) in slots 1 through 5.

If your starter kit is not described here, consult your sales paperwork for the interface modules that should be preinstalled.

All unoccupied module slots and the second power bay should be covered with blank faceplates.

If the shipping box does not contain the correct components (including the accessories listed in step 6), follow the instructions instep 1.

11If you are not prepared to install the chassis, replace it in the shipping box with the plastic bag and foam supports in their original positions to prevent damage to the chassis.

12Read the Switch 4005 Installation and Maintenance Guideto verify that you have met prerequisite installation conditions, to acknowledge important safety information, and to follow the installation procedures.

A printed copy of this guide is included in all chassis shipping boxes. Alternatively, you can download a copy of this guide from the 3Com Web

site. Click the “Find Documentation” link on this page: