Radio Shack Pocketrak 2G User Manual

815.5 Kb

1.7 oz (49 grams):

2 GB memory:

lightweight and

3 hours PCM recording

pocket size.

with tilt-upstereo







battery included


(19 hours consecutive


MP3 recording).


CUBASE AI software

Direct USB 2.0


computer connection.

(Actual size)




Advanced Recording Capability

In Your Pocket

There are so many compelling reasons to record band rehearsals or music lessons for later review that a portable recorder is an essential item. Recording conferences and meetings has become a matter of course too. Naturally, the smaller and lighter that recorder is, while delivering top-classsound quality, the better. Weighing only 1.7 ounces (49 grams) complete with battery, the Yamaha POCKETRAK 2G Pocket Recorder is an unbeatable choice. It’s only ahalf-inch(13 millimeters) thick and will slip unobtrusively into a shirt pocket. But this diminutive, lightweight package contains a large2-gigabytememory plus advanced digital audio technology that lets you record and play back with outstanding quality.

In addition to a CD-qualitylinear PCM recording mode that lets you record up to 3 hours of music, there are a number of MP3 modes that provide significantly longer recording times. The suppliedlong-lastingrechargeable battery can keep the POCKETRAK 2G running for up to 19 hours continuously when recording in MP3 mode. Slide out thebuilt-inUSB connecter and connect the POCKETRAK directly to your computer to transfer files back and forth, and use the bundled CUBASE AI digital audio workstation software to edit and enhance your recordings withpro-levelcontrol.

If sound is important to you, there’s simply no reason not have a Yamaha POCKETRAK 2G Pocket recorder with you at all times.

Only 1.7 Ounces and 1/2 Inch Thick —Takeit Everywhere!

The POCKETRAK 2G is so light and compact that there’s

no reason not to take it with you wherever you go. In addition to recording rehearsals and lessons for later review and study,

you’ll always be prepared to capture the sounds of nature or the city, samples for audio production, meetings, lectures, and much more.

2 GB Memory for High Audio Quality and Extended Recording Times

The POCKETRAK 2G features a capacious 2 gigabytes of memory built in so that it can deliver outstanding sound quality as well as extended recording times as required. When you want maximum sonic quality in stereo you can record using the linear PCM mode for up to 3 hours and 10 minutes with full CD quality (44.1 kHz, 16 bits).

Linear PCM and MP3 Recording Times

Record Mode

Frequency (Hz)

File Extension


Data Size (per min.)


Linear PCM




Approx. 12MB

Original CD production.






Approx. 1MB

Rehearsals and practice.






Approx. 0.5MB

High-qualityfor meetings.






Approx. 0.25MB

Standard quality for meetings.

Note: Due to the characteristics of the internal memory, recording times may be slightly shorter in some cases.


In addition to superior basic performance, the built-instereo microphone can be tilted upward when the POCKETRAK 2G is placed on a desk or table to minimize sound degradation due to reflection

from the surface as well as pickup of mechanically transmitted noise. This high-performancemicrophone delivers excellent sound quality andsignal-to-noiseperformance in a variety of recording situations.

S/N Comparison

with Conventional Voice Recorder









Conventional Recorder





1 kHz Signal






















Noise Reduction














Frequency (Hz) 1 k

10 k

Level Meters and ALC for Optimum Record levels

For maximum quality when recording music you’ll want to set the record level manually. In manual mode the record level can be adjusted in 31 steps (0-30),and the POCKETRAK 2G has level meters and a peak indicator that make setting optimum levels quick and easy. For speech you can let the POCKETRAK 2G set the record level for you automatically by simply switching the ALC (Automatic Level Control) function ON. When ALC is ON the POCKETRAK 2G will automatically maintain the best recording level for maximum clarity and intelligibility.

Long-lastingRechargeable Battery

The POCKETRAK 2G comes supplied with an advanced Sanyo “eneloop” rechargeable battery that can power the unit for up to 19 hours of continuous MP3 recording. To recharge the battery simply plug the POCKETRAK 2G directly into a USB port on your computer.

Thanks to advanced Sanyo technology the eneloop battery can be recharged up to 1,000 times, and does not suffer from

the self-dischargeproblems of similar batteries so it will be ready for use at any time.

You can also use a standard alkaline battery to power the POCKETRAK 2G, but the supplied eneloop battery is probably the only battery you’ll ever need.

Details about Sanyo eneloop technology and trademark information can be found at:

DRM10 Playback Support and

Comprehensive Playback Functions

In addition to being a superb recorder, the POCKETRAK 2G functions as a high-qualitydigital audio player as well!DRM10-encodedWMA or MP3 files that you have encoded from CDs you own or have purchased from online music sites can be transferred from your computer and played on the POCKETRAK 2G. And like any accomplished audio player the POCKETRAK 2G has a range of playback features that can make listening more flexible and enjoyable.

Other Features

Built-inspeaker provides a quick and convenient way to check your recordings.

Variable playback speed lets you speed up play back by 20% for faster review, or slow it down by 25% for improved intelligibility (MP3 and WMA only).

Record via the built-inmicrophone or via the line input when recording from other playback devices.

Direct USB 2.0 Computer Connection

To transfer files to or from your computer and/or charge the battery, slide out the built-inUSB connector and connect the POCKETRAK 2G directly to a USB port. The POCKETRAK 2G is USB 2.0 compatible for maximum data transfer speed: an hour of recorded sound can be transferred to your computer in approximately 10 seconds. Transfer recordings to your computer and email them right after they’ve been recorded!

You might also want to transfer recordings to your computer for post-productionusing the supplied CUBASE AI digital audio workstation software, or simply for backup and storage.

CUBASE AI Digital Audio Workstation

Software Included

The CUBASE AI software bundled with the POCKETRAK 2G Pocket Recorder harnesses the power of the Steinberg CUBASE 4 digital audio workstation to provide a set of advanced software tools that are easy to use while delivering extensive recording and production capabilities. CUBASE AI makes it easy to use material recorded with the POCKETRAK 2G as a basis for further recording and production, or for creating podcasts with extraordinary creative control and flexibility. In addition to advanced

audio recording and editing, CUBASE AI offers a range of MIDI sequencing capabilities, an entire suite of VST effect plug-ins,and a HALionOne sample player featuring selected waves from the famed Yamaha MOTIF synthesizers.

CUBASE AI Features

CUBASE 4 audio engine.

48 audio tracks and up to 64 MIDI tracks.

25 VST effect plug-ins,including 15 new VST3plug-ineffects.

HALionOne software sample player with selected MOTIF waves.

Plug and Play VST/MIDI setup.

Studio Connections Integration.

File Interchange between Steinberg software and Yamaha hardware.

20 MIDI music styles and 480 audio drum loops included.

CUBASE AI System Requirements


OS Windows XP Home or XP Professional (both with Service Pack 1 installed)

CPU Pentium 1.4 GHz or betterRAM More than 512 MB

HDD Free disk space of 1 GB or more


OS Mac OS X Version 10.4 or higher

CPU Power Mac G4 1 GHz / Core Solo 1.5 GHz or better

RAM More than 512 MB

HDD Free disk space of 1 GB or more




DimensionS (W x H x D)

1 1/4 inch (34.2 mm) x 45/8 inch (119.7 mm) x1/2 inch (13 mm)





1.7 oz (49 g) including battery




2 GB


Available Battery

AAA alkali battery x 1/AAA eneloop rechargeable battery x 1



eneloop Battery Measurement




eneloop Recharge

yes (90 minutes)

Battery Life

AAA Alkali


MP3: 25 h, PCM: 9 h




MP3: 19 h, PCM: 8 h 30 m


AAA Alkali


MP3: 22 h, PCM: 9 h 30 m (Earphone), MP3: 14 h, PCM: 6 h (Speaker)

Battery Life



MP3: 17 h, PCM: 9 h 30 m (Earphone), MP3: 11 h, PCM: 6 h (Speaker)


LCD Type


Dot matrix, backlit display










Internal Stereo Microphone, Internal Speaker, Ext. Mic. Input (stereo recording available),






LINE IN Recording (microphone input switchable)






Recording Format


Linear PCM, MP3

Recording Configuration


Internal Microphone, Ext. Mic. Input, LINE IN (Automatic song divide available)

Recording Time/

PCM stereo

3 h 10 m, 40 – 20 kHz, 44.1kHz, 16 bit, 1411 kbps

Frequency Response/


XHQ stereo

35 h 20 m, 40 – 15 kHz, 44.1kHz, 128 kbps

Sampling Frequency/


HQ stereo

71 h, 40 – 7.5 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 64 kbps

Bit Rate



SP stereo

142 h, 40 – 3.5 kHz, 11.025 kHz, 32 kbps









LP mono

284 h, 40 – 3.5 kHz, 16 kHz, 16 kbps

Other Functions


Voice Automatic Recording System,ALC (Auto Level Control) ON/OFF,ALC sensitivity select






(High/Middle/Low), Level meter display (ALC OFF 31steps/peak hold/LED peak),






Security function, Timer rec, Time stamp, Rec monitor, File delete confirmation






Playback Format



Clear Voice Function







ONE, ALL, Random, Count down (five seconds)

Musical Function



Playback Speed


Slow PB (75%), Normal (100%), Fast PB (120%)

Other Functions


Title display (ID3 Tag), Play list (m3u format), Alarm PB (Beep/FOLDER)

Computer connection



Data Transfer




USB direct (slide connector)





Transfer Speed

USB 2.0 High Speed, 1500 kbps




Mass Storage Class







USB cable (for PC connection), AAA eneloop rechargeable battery, Stereo earphone (inner ear type), Carrying leather case, DVD-ROM

Continuous recording time will depend on the type of battery used as well as the battery’s manufacturer, the conditions under which the battery is being used, and the condition under which it has been stored. Proper operation cannot be guaranteed when a battery other than the supplied eneloop battery or an alkaline battery from a reliable manufacturer is used.

System Requirements



Windows-basedcomputer withbuilt-inUSB interface




Windows Vista / Windows XP




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