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4 CH DVR Quick Installation Guide


Version: 6214C-P01.010

Package Contents:

1.1-17"TFTw/built-in4 Channel MPEG4 DVR

2.4 - CCD Outdoor Night Vision Cameras

3.1- Remote control

4.1- Power Cable

5.4- BNC Cables (60 foot)

6.1- USB cable

7.1- VGA Cable (PC Monitor)

8.1- Installation CD for Remote Client Program

9.Hard drive (Optional)

10.1- set key for the hard drive bay


Tech Support:

Website: www.q-see.comclick on support.

Email :

Phone: Toll Free: 877-998-3440or714-998-3440Monday-Friday9-5PST.

Ports on Back of the Monitor:

4 Video In for Cameras

2 Video Out for TV

1 USB port

1 Network input

2 Feeds Audio In (R/L Channels)

2 Feeds Audio Out (R/L Channels)

1 VGA output for computer monitor

1 Alarm connection (input/output) On/Off Switch

Power Connection


1. Attach the camera to the BNC connector and the power connection.

Line up the slots on the yellow BNC connector (1) with the tabs on the grey connector(2), then push in and turn the head on the yellow connector clockwise to lock it in place.

Push the red connector (1) with long chrome head with the black tip into the other grey connector(2).

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1. Connect the other end of the camera cable to the camera's power supply and to the Video IN on the DVR

Push the connector from the power supply (1) into the red connector with the short chrome head (2). Plug power supply into outlet near DVR.

2. Make sure the Hard Drive (1) is in the bay (2) and locked.

Line up the opennings on the yellow BNC connector (1) with the stubs on the top & bottom of the connection on the DVR (2), push in and then turn clockwise to

lock in place.

You need to push the drive in hard to snap it into the connector in the DVR

3.Plug the DVR power cord into the bottom connector on the back of the DVR (1)

Turn the key from the horizontal position (1) to the vertical position (2) to lock the hard drive bay.

4.After you attach all 4 cameras

you will see quad screen on the Monitor

Turn the DVR on by pushing in on the (-)end of the

power switch above the power connector (2)

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To Record With Your DVR :

There are 3 modes for recording.

1.Manual recording: Push the RECORD button. It will record all the time until you stop it by pushing the RECORD button again.

2.Motion Detection Recording: This will record only when there is a Motion in front of the camera.

3.Time Schedule Recording: Use this option to record during specific times.

To Set Up Motion Detection Recording:

Use the remote control and push SETUP, then follow the instructions below:

1. Select "Work Set" using the directional arrows and hit ENTER.

2.Use the directional arrows to select "Setup" and hit ENTER

3.Select the first heading under "Week" and use the +/- keys to change setting to "Everyday", then use number pad to change "First Period" to 00.00 - 23.59. Then use the arrow keys and number keys to change the "Type" to "Motion".

Repeat this process for the other channels

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4.Use directional arrows to select "Return" at the bottom of the page and hit ENTER.

Use directional arrows to select "Setup" under "Area Set", then hit ENTER button. If the screen is all blue this means the entire area is covered by motion detection. If not push ENTER button again to make it blue. Do this for the other channels.

To Set Up Time Schedule Recording:

Use the Remote Control and push SETUP and follow the instruction below:

1. Select "Work Set" using the directional arrows and hit ENTER.

2.Use the directional arrows to select "Setup" and hit ENTER

3.Select the first heading under "Week" and use the +/- keys to change setting to "Everyday", then use number pad to set the schedule time, as in the example, from 18:00 (6:00PM) to 8:00 (8:00AM) Make sure that under the "Type" setting you select "Time" using the +/- keys.

Repeat this process for the other channels

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To Playback the Recording:

1.Using the remote control, push CHECK Select "All Record" and hit the ENTER button.

2.Select "All Record" and hit ENTER.

You can now use the number pad to enter a specific date and time then use the arrow

keys to select "Start" and hit the ENTER button.

3.This will bring up a calender and the file you created will be listed at the bottom.

Use the arrow keys to select it and hit the ENTER button to playback.

To stop playback hit EXIT on the remote control.

NOTE: Recording will not be interrupted while you are in Playback mode.

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To Back Up the files:

You can use the USB cable and connect it directly from DVR to USB port on the PC and either copy it your PC hard drive or play it back on your PC

1.Push SETUP on the romote control Use the directional arrows to select "Basic Set".

2.Use the directional arrows to select "Setup" under "USB Settings".

Hit ENTER on the remote.

3.Use the directional arrows to select "Open" and hit ENTER.

The PC will find the new hardware and will put a new drive letter in "My Computer". Open the new drive letter by clicking on the icon to see the files.

You can play the files back using the client program that comes with this DVR through the record info option and local playback.

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To Monitor the Camera on a Remote Computer:

Here is the connection diagram:

To monitor your camera on a remote computer you need to forward your IP port to the remote computer. There are instructions on how to do this on the website based on the brand and model of router you have.

Here is a sample of the port forwarding screen for a Linksys router:

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The QT17DVR4C comes with Remote Client software to allow you to monitor the system, record, and playback through a remote PC through port forwarding.

To Install the DVR6214 Remote Client Program:

1.Insert the Remote Client Program CD into the CD/DVD-ROMdrive on the computer

2.Double click on the QT17DVR4C folder

3.Double click on the Remote Client Program icon

4.Click on "Next"

5.Click "Next" to accept the default folder location

6.Click "Next" to install the program

7.After Program installs Click on "Finish"

8.Click on the Remote Client Manual icon to learn how to use the program.

Open the program by clicking on the Dvr6214 client shortcut icon on the computer's desktop. The default user ID is admin, the default passwork is 88888888

Here is the program's openning screen:

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You can also connect to the DVR using the Internet Explorer web browser by typing your WAN IP & the Web port from the Network Set ( EX: on the browser's address bar.You need to allow Pop-ups.To do so go to the Internet Explorer tool bar and select the "tools" option, then select the "Pop up Blocker" option and select "Turn OffPop-upBlocker".

You will also need to enable Active X controls.To do so go to the Internet Explorer tool bar and select the "tools" option, then "Internet Options", then "Security", then click the "Custom Level" button, and then select the option to enable Active X Controls and Plug Ins.

If you do not do this you will not get the following screen:

Select "Administrator", the default password is 88888888, click on "Submit".

This will bring up the following screen, you need to click on the "Video" option to display all Video.

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