Marantz AV8003 User Manual

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AV8003/MM8003 Home Theater Separates



The best contemporary technology. Traditional Marantz quality. The AV8003 is more than just an outstanding A/V processor. It unites all your entertainment possibilities: Movies, music, photos, even streaming audio and video. And the AV8003 does it in a single room or throughout your home. This is enjoyment raised to the level only Marantz panache can reach.

Any home entertainment component, especially a “net-friendly” A/V preamp/processor/tuner, demands a high capacity and well shielded power supply. That’s why Marantz engineers specified an oversized toroidal transformer and encased it in an anti-magnetic steel shield for even greater stray flux control. And placed a multi-segment capacitor array so each circuit receives optimum operating current. Because interference often comes from outside as well as inside, they gifted the AV8003 with a heavy copper-plated steel chassis to lock out electromagnetic and radio frequency noise as well as external vibrations. On the practical side, the chassis is less deep than conventional designs too, so the AV8003 fits where others often don’t.

Inside the chassis, you’ll find premium parts carefully arranged in a short-signal-trace configuration so to minimize degradation. In testimony to this meticulous care, the AV8003 merits a THX Ultra 2 certificate! So you can rest assured that this processor sits at the top of the performance scale. The AV8003 handles the latest audio sources such as Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD Master Audio for the best no-compromise sound from today’s advanced media. Connections abound for both contemporary and heritage sources, too, so you’ll have no trouble connecting even tape or CD recorders. Tuning the AV8003’s output to complement the acoustics of your main listening/viewing area is easy and extraordinarily accurate thanks to Audyssey’s MultEQ. It automatically analyzes your room to create a perfectly matched soundfield.

Four HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs (all adhering to the newest version 1.3 specs) complement composite, S-, and component video capability. The AV8003 supports Deep Color and xvYCC Color Space for even better video performance when these technologies appear. Even analog audio outputs benefit from a no-holds-barred approach. Balanced connections via XLRs (configured to the “pin 2 = hot” standard) insure noise-free signal transfer from the AV8003 to a multichannel power amplifier such as Marantz’ new eight -channel MM8003. For today’s video sources, the AV8003 incorporates the latest processing and scaling (up to 1080p) capability from Anchor Bay Technologies. So the video image you’ll see will be mountain-air clear.

If you’re worried about the sound quality of compressed audio formats like MP3 or WMA or terrestrial AM and FM radio broadcasts, relax. M-DAX (Marantz Dynamic Audio Expander) recreates the missing high frequency spectrum so well that you might mistake even a low bit rate MP3 file for a CD! In addition to AM, FM, and HD Radio capability, the AV8003 is XM and Sirius satellite radio-ready! Just add an XM Mini-Tuner and dock or a Sirius Connect® home tuner kit. The connections are built in. Of course, you’ll need a subscription to enjoy these satellite broadcasts but the AV8003 makes things easy indeed.

As impressive as these capabilities are, the real story behind the AV8003 is its networking prowess. The rear panel Ethernet port lets you stream audio and video from your computer, NAS (network-attached storage) device, or Escient Fireball, etc., throughout your home. And that includes photos – JPEG or BMP format – so you can display your vacation shots on the big screen with musical accompaniment! In line with this capability, the AV8003 handles MP3, AAC, WMA, and WAV audio files. And it supports MPEG2 and MPEG4 video formats as well as WMV. Three zone audio and video distribution means you won’t be restricted to one-room enjoyment either. With the AV8003, you can watch or listen to movies, music, and other entertainment files wherever it’s most convenient. And automatic firmware updates mean you never have to worry about having the latest version when your AV8003 is connected to the web. Installation ease and connectivity are paramount. There’s an RS232 port for control, internal IR repeater functions (input and output), two 12volt DC “trigger” outputs, a detachable AC cord, and an easy front panel “key lock” so younger family members or guests can’t accidentally change system setup parameters. And there are two remotes, one computer-programmable full-function hand held, and a simpler “zone” remote for a secondary room.

We haven’t neglected the classic “Marantz aesthetics” either. Rather than the flat front panels common to lesser home entertainment components, the AV8003’s radiused corners, three-dimensional design, and simplified control layout add a touch of designer elegance that complements any décor. This elegant look reflects the Marantz heritage of outstanding industrial design begun by Saul B. Marantz himself. Both internally and externally, the AV8003 is the newest expression of our continual quest for excellence in performance and aesthetics. Marantz tradition and today’s technology in harmony for your enjoyment.


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