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4-Inch Belt Printer

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PB41 Printer Quick Start Guide

Packing List

Check to ensure that you receive these items:

SIntermecR PB41A0B240 (4-inch thermal belt ) Printer with Bluetooth radio


SIntermecR PB41A27040 or PB41A27042 (4-inch thermal belt ) Printer with 802.11b radio

S One roll of paper (in printer)

S Two Battery Packs (installed)

S Compliance Statement

S Warranty Card

S802.11b Radio Card (802.11b printer only). Card is packed in a bag taped to the inside of the printer box.

*Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A.

Common Accessories List


Part Number



Data Cable (Hirose to RJ-11)




Power Adapters

Part Number



U.S. AC Adapter, 12 volt DC




English AC Adapter, 12 volt DC




European AC Adapter, 12 volt DC




Australian AC Adapter, 12 volt DC




Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 12 volt





Part Number



Replacement Li-Ion 7.2V 2200 mAh Battery




Battery Eliminator




Thermal paper 130’/roll, 50/case




4-Inch Cleaning Cards (100 per pack)




Individual Cleaning Card




PB41 Printer Quick Start Guide


Getting Familiar with Your PB41 Printer

PB41 Printer with 802.11b Radio Pod

Paper tear bar

Radio On/Off

blue illuminating Battery packs button

802.11b radio card pod

Self-Test button

DC power jack


Charge indicator

Paper release lever

RJ-11 port


PB41 Printer Quick Start Guide

PB41 Printer with Bluetooth Module

Radio On/Off blue illuminating button

Self-Test button

Charge indicator

Paper release lever

RJ-11 port

Paper tear bar

Battery packs

DC power jack

PB41 Printer Quick Start Guide


Installing 802.11b Radio Card (if applicable)

Note: This information applies only if you have a PB41 Printer with an 802.11b Radio.

Before installing the 802.11b Radio Card ensure that the protective battery tab strips are in place or remove the batteries before installing the radio card.

Your PB41 Printer with an 802.11b radio has been configured at the factory. FCC mandates that the radio card not be installed for shipment. The following information guides you through the process of installing the radio card.

The radio card is packed separately in an anti-static plastic bag taped to the inside of the printer box.

1 Remove the radio card cap.

2With the logo facing down, insert the radio card between the foam and the radio card strap.


PB41 Printer Quick Start Guide

3Carefully push the card into the connector until it is fully seated.

4 Replace the radio card cap.

Before Using Your Printer For The First


Remove the protective tab strips underneath the batteries. They are placed there to keep your printer from discharging during shipment.

5Push against the battery lock tab and lift the battery up before pulling on the protective tab strips. These tabs prevent the battery contacts from touching and therefore, no charging occurs.

6If your printer won’t charge after removing the protective tabs, check for and remove any residue in the battery pin area.

Battery contact protective

Center battery

tab strip (one for each pack)

support posts


Battery pack

Battery lock tabs


(one on each side)


Battery contact

protective tab strips (removed)

PB41 Printer Quick Start Guide


Charging the Lithium Ion Batteries

S The printer battery charges in about three hours.

LED Battery Indicators


State of Charge





Solid Red

In Progress

Waiting for green LED






Remove Charger




Slow Red Flashing

Low Temperature or

Change environment or


battery is disconnected

connect battery




Fast Red Flashing

High Temperature

Change environment




Slow Red and Orange

Low Voltage

Wait for solid red







Fast Red and Orange

High Voltage

Wait for solid red







Slow Orange Flashing


Restart charge




Fast Orange Flashing

Internal Error

Remove battery to pow-



er down completely and



reconnect. Or unplug



from charging source,



wait 15-20 seconds, and







Beep Indicator

Number of Beeps





Printer has come out of sleep mode




Printer is out of paper




Battery is low



One long beep

No program in printer, only boot code



Double beep (chirping sound)

Radio is turning Off



1 short beep

RF power is On (when blue radio but-


ton is pressed and power turned Off).



2 short beeps

RF power is off (when blue radio but-


ton is pressed and power turned On).



1 long beep

Boot code is starting or restarting


(when downloading new firmware).



5 short beeps

Communication error from applica-


tion. Reset application.




PB41 Printer Quick Start Guide

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