Intel DFI R100, DFI R110, DFI R120 User Manual

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DFI R100, R110 and R120

Need the power of an Intel P4 processor or Core 2 Duo processor with our small Mini-ITX form-factor? The R100 series is DFI Technologies’ most versatile solution. The R100, R110 and R120 offer various different motherboard options, along with multiple options for processors, memory, hard drives and

CD/DVD-drives. The combinations are nearly endless, ensuring you will get the best configuration for your application. While you may be able to find a single Mini-ITX solution available from other sources, no one in the industry offers as many different configurations as DFI.

Compared to the R100, the R110 supports a full-height half-length PCI add-in board


while the R120 supports two full-height half-length PCI add-in boards.

All configurations include video, integrated network, audio, multiple COM and USB ports and optional CD/DVD/CDRW drive. DFI is the first to offer an internal power supply with enough juice to power a desktop P4 processor, and we also have the 20V or 24V DC option for some systems.

The R100 family is the system for you if your application


requires processing power, small size, and competitive pricing.


The R100 Series’ galvanized steel frame construction makes


our solution durable, yet lightweight. It is ideal for light


industrial applications such as test and measurement, factory


automation, warehouse automation, point-of-sale terminals,


multimedia kiosks, or any other application where you need a


powerful computer.


R110 with Optional PCI Wireless Network

Card and DC Power Input

The R100 family comes with mounting rails so that it can be mounted in your equipment. The chassis comes with rubber feet to keep the system from scratching surfaces. It can be mounted anywhere in light industrial environments. The thousand holes on the chassis are there for ventilation because modern computers run at high temperature and the cooler it runs, the more reliable your computer will be.

Our Mini-ITX industrial motherboards are different from those available in the commercial market. DFI products use Mini-ITX motherboards designed and manufactured by the DFI Applied

Computing Products division, at our Taiwan manufacturing facility. All DFIACP board products are guaranteed for a 3- to 5-year availability from the dates of the boards’ introductions. The DFI-ACP

boards are based on embedded roadmap components for the

main chipset and processors. If a product does go end of life,


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