Dymo PS2R1-1P User Manual

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PS2R1-P Chip Replacement Instructions

The PS2R1-1P is a rate programmable scale. It is not necessary for you to buy a chip. Let’s take a look at how to change the chip if you decide to purchase a new chip.

First turn the scale on. The scale must remain on while changing the rate chip to retain the memory.

Turn the scale upside down

Remove the battery rate chip compartment cover from the bottom of the scale.

Note the direction of the old chip.

You will see the notch on the top surface of the chip.

Using a flat head screwdriver gently pry one side up and the other side to remove the chip.

Lift the chip straight up and out of the socket.

Be careful that the notch is on the correct side of the socket. Check that each pin will slip into the socket.

Now place the new rate chip in the socket.

Gently press down to seat the chip into the socket.

Replace the battery rate chip compartment cover.

Turn the scale over, press the count key…

The scale will show ACCP , AD10 or PC.

Turn the scale off.

Turn the scale back on.

If the new rate chip has been installed correctly the scale will automatically go through its self check operation

showing a four digit version code number …

and then 0.0.

Your scale is now ready for use.