Dymo P3 User Manual

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Digital Postal Scale User Guide

Guide d'utilisation de la Balance postale numérique


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DYMO® Digital Postal Scale

This User Guide provides instructions for using your DYMO® Digital Postal Scale. Visit www.dymo.com/register to register your scale.

Setting Up the Scale

The scale is powered by three AAA batteries.

To set up the scale

1.Unpack the scale.

2.Set the scale on a firm, flat surface.

Inserting the Batteries


0.0 TARE





The scale uses three AAA alkaline batteries. The scale automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity.

To insert the battery

1.Turn the scale over.

2.Remove the battery compartment cover.

3.Insert three AAA batteries as shown.

!Make sure to insert the batteries correctly. Inserting the batteries backwards can damage the scale.

4.Replace battery compartment cover.

!Remove the batteries if the scale will not be used for a long period of time.

Turning On the Power




Kg/Lb Hold



The scale has an Auto Shut Off feature which automatically turns off the scale after three minutes of inactivity.

To turn the scale on

Press on the front of the scale.

When the scale is first turned on, wait a few seconds for the scale to stabilize before weighing items. The display shows 0.00 when ready.

To turn the scale off

Press on the front of the scale to turn the scale off.

The scale turns off automatically after three minutes of inactivity.


Using the Scale

Always wait for 0.00 to display before placing an item on the scale platform.

After placing an item on the scale, wait for several seconds for the weight to appear. When the scale is ready, a o appears to the left of the weight.

To weigh an item

Place an item on the scale platform.

Using the Tare Feature

You can weigh small items or items that cannot be easily placed on the scale platform by placing the items in a container and using the Tare/Zero button to eliminate the weight of the container.

To use the tare feature





Place an empty container on the platform.

When the scale is ready, press







The display is set to zero.

Place the items to be weighed in the container.

The display shows the weight of the items, without the weight of the container.

After removing the container, press


to reset the scale to zero.





Using the Hold Feature

When an item being weighed extends over the front of the scale and you cannot see the display, you can freeze the display so that the weight is still displayed after removing the item.

To use the Hold feature

1.Press HOLD .

The display shows HOLD and then 0.00 when ready.

2.Place the item on the scale.

3.After a few seconds, remove the item from the scale.

The weight continues to be displayed for about ten seconds.

Changing the Units of Measure

Your scale can display weight in English (pounds) or metric (kilograms) units. The default unit of measure is English. Each time you turn on the scale, the scale defaults to the unit of measure that was last used.

To change the units of measure




to toggle between English and metric units.


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