3COM 3CRPCIG75-LAT User Manual

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3Com Wireless 11g

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Quick Installation Guide

For Windows 2000



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Published April 2008

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Check the Package Contents

Before you start with the installation, verify that your PCI Adapter package includes the following items:

One 3Com Wireless 11g PCI Adapter with standard PCI bracket

One remote antenna

One low-profilePCI bracket

One 3Com Installation CD-ROM,which contains the Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers for the PCI Adapter

This 3Com Wireless 11g PCI Adapter Quick Installation Guide

One warranty flyer

If any of these items are damaged or missing, please contact your 3Com network supplier immediately.

Check the Minimum System Requirements

You can install the PCI Adapter on any desktop computer running Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, or Windows Vista.

If using Windows 2000, please download the driver and utility from the 3COM web site.

Your computer must also have, at least, the following:

Available PCI slot

733 MHz IntelPentiumIII or Celeron processor (or equivalent)

4Check the Package Contents

256 MB of RAM

7 MB of free disk space


Check the PCI Bracket

The standard PCI bracket to which the PCI Adapter is attached by default is for standard, full-heightdesktops. If you are using alow-profiledesktop, you need to replace the standard bracket with thelow-profilebracket for the PCI Adapter to fit the computer case.

To replace the PCI bracket:

1Remove the two screws that secure the PCI Adapter to the bracket. Save the screws to fasten the low-profilebracket later.

2Replace the standard bracket with the low-profilebracket.

3Fasten the PCI Adapter to the low-profilebracket using the screws you removed instep 1.

Installing the Wireless PCI Adapter


Figure 1 Standard Bracket (Left) andLow-ProfileBracket (Right)

Installing the Wireless PCI Adapter

Installing the PCI Adapter is a two-stepprocess:

1Install the PCI Adapter hardware

2Install the PCI Adapter Windows 2000 software

Install the PCI Adapter Hardware

You will need:

A Phillips screwdriver to remove the computer case and slot cover and to secure the PCI Adapter into the slot.

Antistatic protection

Attach the antenna to the antenna connector only after you

secure the PCI Adapter into the slot.


Installing the Wireless PCI Adapter

To install the PCI Adapter into a PCI slot:

1Shut down your computer, and then unplug the power cord from the power source.

2Remove the computer cover.

3Locate an empty PCI slot and remove the slot cover. See 1 inFigure 2 on the next page. Save the screw so that you can secure the PCI Adapter into the slot later.

Figure 2 Inserting the PCI Adapter Into a PCI Slot



Installing the Wireless PCI Adapter


4Insert the PCI Adapter into the slot, and then press it down gently until it seats snugly in the slot. See 2 inFigure 2.

5Secure the PCI Adapter into the slot using the screw that you removed earlier.

6Replace the computer cover.

7Attach the antenna to the PCI Adapter’s antenna connector, and then turn the threaded part clockwise to secure it. Do not overtighten.

For optimal reception, position the antenna so that it is straight up.

8Reconnect the power cord to the power source, and then turn on your computer.

If the Found New Hardware Wizardappears when Windows starts, click Cancel.


Install the PCI Adapter Windows 2000 software

Install the PCI Adapter Windows 2000 software

Your PCI Adapter Windows 2000 software contains the 3Com Wireless driver and utility. Running the PCI Adapter setup program installs the adapter driver and utility.

Install the PCI Adapter driver and utility on

Windows 2000

1Run Setup.exe.

2When the welcome screen appears, click Next.

Install the PCI Adapter Windows 2000 software


3When the License Agreement screen appears, checkI accept the terms of the license agreement and clickNext.


Install the PCI Adapter Windows 2000 software

4When the Select the country that you want to installscreen appears, select the country you prefer and click Next.