Yard-Man 624, 626 User Manual

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Yard-Man 624, 626 User Manual

Service Kit


CODE: R-450

DATE: September 21, 2000

SUBJECT: Toolbox Attachment

MODELS AFFECTED: 624 & 626 Lawn Tractors

Service Kit 753-0893 applies to Yard-Man Revolutionand White Outdoor Products ZTT Lawn Tractors only.

This kit is recommended for operators who would like to purchase a YardMatestorage container for a Revolutionor ZTT.

Installation Instructions

1.Remove any present rear attachment, such as the bumper weight or a grass collector, from the tractor.

2.Pivot the seat of the tractor seat forward.

3.Remove the hairpin clip and clevis pin from the hole in the rear of the bracket assembly.

4.Position the hooked ends of the bracket assembly to the outside of the hitch plate and over the shoulder bolts. Refer to Figure 1.

5.Reinsert the clevis pin through the aligned holes provided in both the bracket assembly and the hitch plate. Secure with the hairpin clip. Refer to Figure 1.

IMPORTANT: There are two holes found in the clevis pin. Be certain to insert the hairpin clip in the UPPER hole to properly secure the bracket assembly to the hitch plate.

6. Slide the plastic tool box down onto the bracket assembly so that the box can pivot open to the rear.

Tool Box



Bracket Assembly

Clevis Pin

Hairpin Clip

Figure 1

Form No. 770-1846