Yard-Man 5020.1, 5010-1 User Manual

5010-1 3 H.P.
5020.1 4 H.P.S030~1
5 H~P~
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YAR-D ':' MAN CO. p, O. BOX 36940 ,CLEVELAND) OHIO 44136
Yo\)r EARTHBI AD Tiller "is a precision piece of tilling equipment, engineering skill and experience have been combined tq prpvide the L/ltima~fJ' in ae~f;!.ty andetficiency. However, as wj~h any type of power equipment. carelessnf!sS or::error on th~par' of the oper~t. or can result in injury, 'There.fo~e. exercis~ e~treme c~6t.iQn at all times.
KNOW YOUR MA~H.lNe'R'&ad, ~he Owner's Manual carefully -learn how
to operate your EAJ:'I;THBIRO pr~perly and haw to stop quickly, ,
MAKE SURE THE AREA tS CLE;AR of bottles. stones. wire and:ptl1er haz~rdous items before t~'j\ng. Such items ,~re dangerous to both t~e oper~tqr
a/ld machine, :'
ADD FUEL before $(arting ~ri9ine ". never ~h8n ei'lgine is hut or (\,Inning.
Replace fuel tank cap:securely. " ' '
ALWAYS STOP ENGINE ~f1d discorynect sparki:l"u9 wire be'r~re atte~Ptil:l9
any repairs or adjustMents. ',' " DIS~NGAGE ALL CLvtCHES:an~ shift ;n~o neutral bef91'6' ~tarting'.m'otQr.
Keep hands, feet and cjt)tl'\iri9aw~y from power cjrlVt:nparts, ST ART THE ENGINE tAREF~t:LV A!W8Y:S s~and at side of maCl:1lne: Do
not operate engine indoor$witlio~~pioper ve~.t:ila~i~n:,-, ,: " :,
, ' " ,
';,' ", , '
DISENGAGE POWER AND SrOPMOTO(:t'before re:m~v,inQ'Qbstatles.-Qr when
leaving oPfJrQting Position. ' ,',-'
DO NOT ALLOW MINO~S toopera:t~ ,m:achirie urile:5$~tiorou9hJV iostructed
and properly supeNised, ": c,
KEEP CHILDREN AND PETS ~W~Y,f~m~Qtati~i3 f,ft'tes. Keep ~safedi~:t~hC~
away from fences with totatingtiryes; ,
NEveA WeAR SANDALS or open tO$d shoes when operat;n9'm~chin~. ':: '
ADJUST DEP1'H BAR for de$irad tilling depth before startinQ:engrne.
EXERCISE CAUTION 10 avoid slrpping or falling when op~r~ting machine.
" .' :,
, " ," " , " , '
;" '
Keep area to be tilled cl.t!ared of vines. glass, wire, and stones. ' ..': ':' ';
Always start engine with machine on level surface with master' clutch disengaged, Aftecr: starting, let engine warm up several mInutes at slow speed before:starting ,to; till. : " '-: ,,::',
AlwaY5 preset d~pth bar i(1to ti)e grqund befot~en9~g1ti~"m~st~r:~IL!tch~9ntrOI.: :,' c'..' ' ,
When tilling, run machine at throttl~ ~~ti(l)g'~esi 'su~i~d ~,o ~ro,\Jnd: .corldjtion~.::Alwavs lower t.he tines "slowly" in to the soil, hold\I'I:9 ba~1< on '\he hand\&s until th~ d~r~d:'ill\~9',d~~ ,i~ ieath~: the~ alJ~w the:til{~~" tti:'move forward slowly using the
depth 'bar drag setting, ' :", '
In hard sod or on rough ground it is u5ualJy ~asier to ma-inUiri.' a $tr,ight forward motion with a slight movement of the handlt:!1! from side to side, When making the first 1;ut1hi9ugh ~I'I; a,.~a the tiller will track ..Sctraight line. but wh.erl cuttif\9 the second path the~ witl be a tendency to mol/e' 1owardsthe iQ6se: soil. Moving the handle from side to side Will aid in followrng the edge of the first cut in making a wide str:aigh.t tilled area. After's )ittl~practjceprQfjcjency in the op~ration of
, .' .-'. '.. " " ,
the tlll~r u'n-der aH '~Qnd.itjoj'\sw-llibe Qai~ed: ", '.
'" .-, ,
You, EA~TH8\,RD '\jkeiJ1.1" math\\1e~w~I'h !:I'oving parts, f'!)U$t receive c~re and mamt,ef)Qnce, The following tip$. it u~~d, .."iill con.
itibute manytrouble,1ree:~ou(sto yOur macryine, 1, CneCl<ojl ;t~,vel ~eqiJe'~tIY. 61' slIerv: 5; hours ot use, Wher'l changing oil, ma~e sure dirt and debris is cleaned from oil drain
,araa bttore:temavihQO!' P\u.9:/ ':
2, Keep tines ~nd 1:lhespoois/ ~1~ar: '
" " ,
:i: Chec~ :all nuts, bolts ~n9sc~e~s o!:c~sjori!l.liy for tightness to be sure mach ine isin QoOddperating condition.
4, Tt,e mat-hineis pta.llibr,iccitedat ~r~ f~c~bfy:Howev~;! lubrication With'each usage ~i11 prolong 11f6 of wor~ing pa.rts.
.' , " ,
5. If you are.9oin~to store your EARTHBIRD1or atl¥ length of time (30 days or longer) it is important that the follOw. Ing steps be takel1.
a, Drain the gas tank and carburetor, Allow t,heengjne to fUrl out of gas.g,!~oline
left'in the engine will leave 9ul!1/deposit~ in.th'ei:srburetor ~nd gas tank. b. Cle:a~en~i(\e o~ all f?~ej~f1 ~~tttr, c. LUbi'ic8te,cYl(n~er by removing the sparkpJlJg a:nd pol,Jring one oun~e ofctean
lubricating o-il through t:h~ s~arl:Cplug ho,le into the cylinder. Cr~nk engine sioWly
to spread oil a~Q tepl:ace sparkp1ug,
The tf.an:smissiqn; is p~~.lubricated, Every 10;15 hours of bperation chec!< the oil .Ievel.by remQving the oil level plug. Use SAE ~Ciextta duty tral'l~mission oil to fill if level IS below plug openitlY. Change oifevery 25 hours.
Thebeit t~nslbri'js -q!:ljustable, The tensioning of belt should be cht?cked every 5-10 hours of operation. Refer to adjustmentss~ion;for
J~st.asvour ~utQmQbi\~ n'e'eq~ protessiOn6\ mechanica~ ma;ntenal'lce from time to time, ~o does your air cooled engine. A yearly t~f.e:'l.Ip'and Gt}ec.1< ~1aqM~I;~:ied service ce;nter is recommended to avoid breakd<;Jwns- and u~n!1cess~rY dejays dt,iTing the tilling
seasol'l, .' ..
UN,' ';(111 6 AND SiT.UP
1, Be sure carton is right side up. cut end panels out and
fold flat on flo~r '. Re~Ql/e i(!ner pack and roll unit out 9f
carton,: '
2. Assemble the right and left handle tubes to the unit with the rigl1t and left hatJdJe socket caps and bO;Jts. 00 not
3. AsSemble the handle panel as$embly over the right and lefthilr'ldle tubes :and secure with four slotted round head
bolts ~~d lock nUts. Tighten 811 1;he bolt$ on th~ handle assembly. Place th.~ h~dl~ grips ov~r: th~ end~ o(the hand)e tubes.
4, Place ;one ,end af ~e IT)ast~r clutch .rod tt)roughtt:ie,hol~ at the bo~tom of the master clutch con1:rol and the other end
thr9ugb the hole in '!he tlipper heat the end of the left handlE! tube and $ecur¥. with the two cotter pins. 5, The tilling width is, ass~mbl~d fot 22" as, shippeq. For
11" tilling width r&move hair-pin and clevis pin arid piJll
Qutsrd~:Spool AS$smt;Jlies fr:6m stiaft;Replace clevis pina!'ld hair-pin thru in5id~ Spool Assemblies and Shaft,
6. Attath the depth bat releas~ handle to tbehandJei near the right handle grip with 8' slC)tte~ headscr~w ~rid nut. Attach the upper dep'thbeT' relebse rod to the handle by hooking the loop~ end th~Qugh the ~at on the handle from the outside, Attach the opposite end down through the round h?le In t~e depth bar pivot plate, SecL)re witt1 i
cotter pJn. Atta<J!:1 the double bend enQ of ".the lower trip rod down through the slotted hole in the p.ivot plate: S~cure ~)th ~ wa~her andc9tter pin.. Thread~~f! Adjust;
ment Link on t:he opposite end and ad;ustto align With
hole in .Oepth Bar La~ch. Secure w.ith a cotter pm. Che9K
operat\on of Oep'th Bi)t Release Handl& aft~r: attaching rods, With Depth ~at Release Hanc!le @!i the wuy uP. Depth B~r
latch should release. for faiture to relea~. re-adjust the
Adju$1ment ~jnk,
7. Attach the depth ~r Into the bracket at the rear of the tiller frame using the short clevis p\n through one of the holes m the 'bar, s~cur'ing loVith the hair pin cotter. Use the pointed end of the d~Pth bar in the ground except when
~h~ IoIse of 1he furrow plow IS ~esired,
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