User’s Manual
Light-Up Alphabet Log
Light-Up Alphabet Log
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Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard. All rights reserved.
Dear Parent,
At VTech®, we know that a child’s imagination is a truly wonderful
thing and needs to be developed and nurtured. That’s why we created
the Winnie the Pooh® electronic learning series of interactive learning
toys to stimulate children’s imaginations, while also teaching vital
preschool concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and
Through the use of unique technology and engaging child-directed
role-play scenarios, Winnie the Pooh® characters magically come
to life to guide children through learning activities. These engaging
characters foster children’s critical reasoning skills, enhance their
fine motor skills and engage them in exciting role-play activities for
endless hours of learning fun.
At VTech®, we know that a child has the ability to do great things.
That’s why all of our electronic learning products are uniquely
designed to develop a child’s mind and allow them to learn to the
best of their ability. We thank you for trusting VTech® with the
important job of helping your child learn and grow!
Your Friends at VTech
To learn more about the Winnie the Pooh electronic learning
series and other VTech® toys, visit
Thank you for purchasing the VTech® Light-Up Alphabet Log learning toy! The VTech® Light-Up Alphabet Log educates children through fun, interactive
play. Guided by the lovable and familiar character of Winnie the Pooh, your child will receive an entertaining introduction to the alphabet, phonics and words. With fun on-screen animations, sound effects, cheerful melodies, and the adorable Winnie the Pooh and his friends, your child will find that the fun of learning never ends!
Winnie the
Light-up screen
Pooh button
26 alphabet buttons
Volume control switch
Music button
Repeat button
On/Off button
Activity selector
+ 7 hidden pages