Peerless-AV PAP-UNV-W User Manual

Peerless-AV PAP-UNV-W User Manual


Plenum Box

For CMJ450, 453, 455 and 500

This easy to install Plenum box is a universal solution for any false ceiling application. Featuring the only slide-on lid design in the industry, this solution is the simplest and easiest to install into virtually any application, specializing in low-ceiling environments.









Compatible with all of





Optional Lockdown










Peerless’ false ceiling plates





Includes optional lockdown screw






Clean InstallAtion


to seal and secure the lid of the

Simple lockdown with



Three sized knockouts


plenum box







slideable lid and optional



allow various size





lockdown screw



conduit and cable to



EASILY Slide-Into-Place Lid



Mounting brackets allow for



be routed internally



Simple glide motion allows lid to






close in low-ceiling installations


multiple attachment points







3" (76 mm) of lateral








adjustment for precise















½" (13 mm), ¾" (19 mm)














and 1" (25 mm) knockouts








to run conduit







Optional internal knockouts








for clean installations in any
























Simple slide-on lid for

Optional use of hinged lid

Knockouts for internal

access in all applications

for routing cables

gang box placement


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