NuTone nm200, nc300, NM200AL User Manual


models nm200 • nc300



read and save these instructions


to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, observe the following:

1.Read all instructions carefully before installing or using the NM200/NC300 System.

2.The NM200/NC300 must be installed by a qualified dealer or installer, and must conform to all local building and electrical codes.

3.Adhere to all warnings on the NM200/NC300 and in these instructions. Follow all operating and installation instructions.


Do not expose the NM200/NC300 to moisture. Doing so can create fire or shock hazards and void the warranty.

Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards and will void your warranty. Neither the

Master Station nor the Remote Stations contain any userserviceable parts. REFER ALL SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL.

The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of shock to persons.

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product.

Use only NuTone replacement parts and have them installed by a NuTone dealer or installer. Unauthorized substitutions can result in fire, electric shock, or other hazards.

Upon completion of any service or product repair, have the NuTone dealer or installer conduct a safety check to ensure the system is in proper operating condition.

Use only a damp cloth to clean the Master Station, Remote Stations, Door Stations, and speakers. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners.

system overview

The NM200 is an intercom and sound system designed for today’s home. Its compact size and modern, elegant look complement any décor. The NM200 offers more than just sensible good looks. It gives you peace of mind as it allows you to communicate with family members and monitor specified rooms. The NM200 offers high quality sound throughout your home from several sources, including the radio, CD player, or other connected audio sources in your home.

Please read all of the safety instructions before changing any settings on your NM200.

Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. If you lose the manual, you can download it from the NuTone web site


The NM200 System consists of three major components:

Master Station

Indoor/Outdoor Remote Station—You can install up to 9 Remote Stations in individual zones, 15 Remote Stations in shared zones, including 2 Outdoor Remote Stations.

Door Station—You can install up to 3 Door Stations.

Master Station

The Master Station gives you control over the system intercom and music capabilities. System setup is established at the master.

These settings include: set the clock and establish music auto on/off times, select the system music source, save preset radio stations and set the scan mode. System volume, loudness, treble and bass can also be controlled from the NM200 master.

Intercom functionality for each Remote Station is established at the master by setting the intercom selector switches. Each room can be set to Intercom Only, Radio and Intercom, Off, or


The NM200 provides the ability to monitor other stations and communicate with Door Stations. System functionality can also be established to provide for Monitor Override and Security/

Home Automation features.

Indoor/Outdoor Remote Stations

The Remote Stations provide intercom functions and system music control capabilities. Depending on the room configuration at the Master Station, a Remote Station can communicate with or monitor other stations and communicate with the Door Stations. The system’s music can be turned on and off, music volume adjusted, and music sources changed from the remote stations.

models nm200 • nc300

Door Station

The Door Station is an exterior intercom speaker and door chime pushbutton installed at home entrances. The NM200 system supports up to 3 door stations. The door station allows for communications from within the house to visitors. Any station with its Intercom Selector Switches set to Intercom or Radio/INT can communicate with the Door Station.

system settings

Clock Settings

You can set two clock functions:

Normal—Displays the normal time of day.

Music Auto On/Off—Sets the times to automatically turn the last music source on and then off.


To change clock settings:

1.Press TIME. The hour field for Normal Time blinks, and SET TIME appears on the display.

2.Press VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN to change the hour. An A or P indicates AM or PM, respectively.

3.Press TIME. The minute field blinks. Use the VOLUME buttons to change the minutes.

4.Press TIME to continue through the settings: Music Auto On, hour and minutes and Music Auto Off, hour and minutes.

5.After you have entered Music Auto Off minutes, press TIME to return to Normal Time display.

Note: You can enable or disable the AUTO function. The word “Auto” will appear on the display when Auto Function is on. See Music Settings/Auto On/Off.

Music Settings

Music Source

You can select from four music sources:

AUX—Any audio source you connect, such as an external

CD player or a stereo system.

AM radio

FM radio

CD player (NC300 CD player). This source can also be used to hook up an external audio device if the system does not include a NC300 CD player. For CD functionality, see Master

Station Operation/CD Player Operation.

To select a music source:

1.Press POWER to turn on music.

2.Press SOURCE repeatedly to cycle through AUX, AM, FM, and CD until you reach the music source you prefer.

Music Auto On/Off

You can set the system to turn music on automatically at a predetermined time and to turn the music off automatically at a predetermined time.

1.Set the Auto On/Off times as described under Clock


2.Press the AUTO button to toggle between On and Off. When the Auto function is on, AUTO appears on the display.

Radio Settings

You can tune in FM or AM radio stations, and can set up to 8 presets on each band.

Tune the Radio

To tune a radio station:

1.Press POWER to turn on the music.

2.Select FM or AM. See Music Settings/Music Source for instructions.

3.Use TUNE UP or TUNE DOWN to find a station. If you press and release, within 1 second, TUNE UP or TUNE DOWN, the tuner goes into Seek Mode and finds the next station with a strong signal. If you press and hold TUNE UP or TUNE DOWN, the tuner goes into Scan Mode and scans all frequencies until you release the button.

Note: For the first two seconds, the tuner scans at slow speed to allow for fine tuning. After two seconds, the tuner scans at fast speed.

models nm200 • nc300

Preset Radio Stations

To preset radio stations:

1.Press POWER to turn on the music.

2.Select FM or AM. See Music Settings/Music Source for instructions.

3.Use TUNE UP or TUNE DOWN to find a station. See Tune the Radio section for seek and scan functions.

4.Simultaneously press TUNE UP and TUNE DOWN to enter Store Preset mode. The display shows PRESET and a preset number.

5.If you don’t want to assign a preset number, wait 5 seconds and your selected radio station will automatically be assigned to the preset number that is displayed. If you want to select the preset number, press the PRESET button repeatedly to cycle through numbers 1-8 until you reach the preset number you want.

6.Wait 5 seconds. The display updates to show the new station for the selected preset number.

Note: This activity can be cancelled at any time during the process by pressing TUNE UP and TUNE DOWN simultaneously again, and no new preset is stored.

Scan Mode

Two scan modes are available. The scan mode for the room stations is set at the master. The two scan modes are identified below. To set your scan mode:

Scan 1—Allows the Indoor/Outdoor Remote Stations to scan through the four music sources (AUX, AM, FM, CD). On radio bands AM and FM, Scan 1 scans through the preset radio stations: AM 1-8 and FM 1-8. See Music Settings/Radio

Settings for information on how to preset radio stations.

Scan 2—Allows Indoor/Outdoor Remote stations to scan through the four music sources (AUX, AM, FM, CD.) On radio bands AM and FM, Scan 2 scans all strong stations before moving on to the next source.


To set the Scan Mode:

To change the scan mode, simultaneously press and release

PRESET and SOURCE again. The display shows either Scan1 or Scan2.

Note: Exit out of scan mode by pressing PRESET and SOURCE or waiting for the display to show the clock time again.

Audio Settings


Music—Adjusts the volume for system music.

Master Station—Adjusts the volume for the speaker on the

Master Station only.

Intercom—Adjusts the volume for the system intercom.





To change volume and tone settings:

1.Press POWER to turn on music. The system defaults to music volume. Use VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN to adjust the music volume from 0-29. All other audio settings return to music volume after 5 seconds.

2.Press TONE. Master Volume appears. This controls the volume for the Master Station speaker only. Use VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN to adjust the Master Volume from 0-29.

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