NEC SP-AS data sheet

NEC SP-AS data sheet


Order Code: 100015010

Active SoundBar System SP-AS

High-end SoundBar System extends display capabilities

The topor bottom-mounted speaker system delivers superior sound quality, combined with a MultiSync® C431, C501 or C551 display. The result is sound and vision excellence.

The speaker’s superior sound quality extends the display capabilities making the combination ideal for video conferencing in corporate office and educational environments delivering audio support for video playback in a variety of applications such as meetings and conferencing, product presentations and at the point of sale.

Choose to mount the SoundBar directly against the display via the optional VESA-bracket or enjoy the flexibility to position the SoundBar elsewhere, on a sideboard or mounted on a wall using the integrated wall-bracket.


Delivering Genuine Benefits

•• Best of audio and vision – The ultra-low distortion speakers deliver excellent speech intelligibility, seamlessly combining audio and visual excellence.

•• Excite with clarity – wide dispersion extends the sweet spot to anywhere in the room, transmitting the spoken word with perfect clarity to the participants of web or telephone conferences and remote meetings.

•• Universal mounting approach – maximum installation flexibility with different brackets available – a wall mount and an optional VESAmount

•• Sophisticated engineering with crisp audio – the solid MDF cabinet effectively minimises potential resonances and interactions with the loudspeaker.

•• Mission-critical 24/7 ready operation – with reliable, industry grade components and NEC trusted performance.

•• A commitment to quality – 3 years warranty to match the display warranty and meet long-term demands ensuring peace of mind.

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