Jonsered CS 2121 EL, CS 2117 EL User Manual

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GB Operator’s Manual
115 02 33-26
Always disconnect power before performing
cleaning or maintenance work.
Always use approved safety gloves.
Clean your chain saw regularly.
Use approved face mask or safety goggles.
Chain saws are dangerous! Careless or im-
proper use can result in serious or fatal injury.
Read operating instructions and make certain you
understand them thoroughly before using the chain
Visual inspection.
Do not use a coiled extension cord.
Minimum wire cross-section: 1,5 mm
Voltage: 230 V
Chain saws are dangerous!
Careless or improper use can
result in severe or fatal injury.
Noise emission to the environment according to the
European Community’s Directive. The machine’s
emission is specifi ed in «TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS»
page 3 and on label.
Do not expose saw to rain or moisture.
The chain saw is double-insulated.
Always use:
• Approved helmet
• Approved hearing protection
• Approved safety goggles or face mask
This product conforms to
applicable CE directives.
This product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling
of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative
consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product.
For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local council offi ce, your household waste disposal
service or the shop where you purchased the product.


• Read operating instructions carefully.
• Always observe the «Safe Use» recommendations on page 4.
• Check chain and guide bar for correct assembly and adjustment.
• Start the saw.
• Do not start sawing until an adequate amount of oil has
reached the chain.
• Incorrect chain tensioning increases wear on chain, sprocket
and guide bar, and may result in damage to these parts.
• Improper use of power cable may lead to serious motor damage.
Disconnect power in case of damage to power cable.
Maximum permissible guide bar length.
Do not use a coiled
power cable!
Minimum wire cross-section: 1,5 mm
Maximum cable length: 30 m
Voltage: 230 V
The chain saw must not be modifi ed in any way under any circumstances without the permission of the manufacturer.
Use only original accessories. Unauthorized modifi cations and/or accessories may cause serious or fatal injury of the
operator or others.


Symbols 2
Important! Read before using chain saw 2
Contents 3
EC declaration of conformity 3
Technical specifi cations 4
Chain saw parts 5
Safe use 5
Starting and stopping 7
Daily inspection and maintenance 7
Kickback prevention 8
Chain brake with kickback guard 9
- Kickback guard inspection 9
- Manual chain brake function check 9
- Inertia chain brake function check 9
Mounting guide bar and adjusting chain 10
Chain catcher 11
Right hand guard 11
Slip clutch 11
Electronic overload protection 2000W 11
Cutting equipment 11
Chain and guide bar lubrication 12
- Chain oil 12
- Filling chain oil 12
- Checking automatic 12
chain lubrication system
- Checking chain wear 12
Filing chain 13
Limbing 13
Crosscutting 14
Felling operations 14
- Danger zone 15
- Felling direction 15
- Clearing branches/Line of retreat 15
- Felling 15


Husqvarna Norge AS, N-1708 Sarpsborg, Norway hereby declares that the following chain saws:
Jonsered CS 2117EL and Jonsered CS 2121EL, with serial numbers starting at 54000001 and onwards,
- are manufactured in compliance with EC Directive 98/37/EC (Machinery), EC Directive 73/23/EEC including amendments
(Low Voltage Directive), EC Directive 89/336/EEC including amendments (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive), and in
accordance with annex V of Directive 2000/14/EC (Noise Emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors)
- are manufactured in compliance with the following harmonized standards: EN 50144-1, EN 50144-2-13, IEC 60745-1
and IEC 60745-2-13.
Notifi ed body: 0404, SMP Svensk Maskinprovning AB, Fyrisborgsgatan 3, SE-754 50 Uppsala, Sweden, has:
- carried out the EC type examination in accordance with the machinery Directive (98/37/EC) Article 8(2)(c)
- issued EC type examination certifi cates No. 404/04/1038 - Jonsered CS 2117 EL
and 404/04/1037 - Jonsered CS 2121 EL pursuant to machinery Directive 98/37/EC, Annex IV (4)
The chain saw submitted is identical to the samples submitted for EC type examination.
The measured and guaranteed sound power levels in accordance with Directive 2000/14/EC are set forth under Technical Data
in the User’s Manual.
Sarpsborg, 1th of October 2005
Jan Hansen, President


Motor 1700 2000
Rated voltage VAC 220-240 230
Rated output W 1700 2000
Frequency Hz 50/60 50
Slip clutch Yes Yes
Electronic start control - Yes
Electronic speed control - Yes
Electronic overload protection - Yes
Without guide bar and chain kg 4,4 4,4
With 14” guide bar and chain kg 5,1 5,1
Chain lubrication
Oil tank volume litres 0.1 0.1
Oil consumption approx. litres 0.1/20 min. 0.1/20 min.
Oil pump auto auto
Noise levels
Equivalent noise intensity at operator’s ear,
according to international standards dB(A) 95 95
Noise emissions
Sound power, measured LW dB(A) 104 104
Sound power, guaranteed LWA dB(A) 106 106
Front handle m/s2 4.4 4.4
Rear handle m/s2 5,4 5,4
Chain/guide bar
Recommended bar length inches/cm 12/30 12/30
inches/cm 14/35 14/35
inches/cm 16/40 16/40
Effective cutting length inches/cm 12/30 12/30
inches/cm 14/35 14/35
inches/cm 16/40 16/40
Chain speed, unloaded m/sec. (drive) 14,5 (6 tooth) 15,2 (6 tooth)
Chain speed, rated output m/sec. (drive) 12,5 (6 tooth) 12,2 (6 tooth)
Chain pitch inches 3/8 3/8
Gauge inches/mm .050/1.3 .050/1.3
Number of drive links 12”/14”/16” 45/52/56 45/52/56
inch/mm inch/mm
1. Rear handle
2. Power trigger lockout
3. Front handle
4. Serial No. plate
5. Chain tensioner
6. Chain oil reservoir
7. Chain oil level
8. Ventilation slots
9. Power cable
10. Power trigger


11. Chain
12. Guide bar
13. Chain brake release button
14. Kickback guard
15. Chain drive cover
16. Right hand guard - protects right hand
in case chain breaks or derails
17. Drive sprocket
- concealed by chain drive cover
18. Chain catcher - defl ects chain in case
chain breaks or derails
19. Guide bar nut
20. Nose sprocket
21. Scabbard
22. Combination tool
23. Operator’s manual


Never operate a chain saw with one hand only. Doing so may lead to i serious injury
to operator, helpers or bystanders. An electric chain saw is designed for operation
with both hands.
Use of accessories not conforming to the recommendations outlined in the
Operating Instructions could lead to injury.
• Dress safely. Avoid jewellery and loose-fi tting clothing,
which may be caught in moving parts. Approved safety
mitts and sturdy footwear which gives a good footing are
recommended (also for helpers).
Wear: - Approved face mask or safety goggles
- Approved hearing protection
- Approved helmet
- Approved safety boots with protective rein-
forcement, steel toecap and non-slip soles
- Clothing which is snug without hampering
- Approved gloves with protective reinforcement
Always keep a fi rst-aid kit on hand!
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