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Intellinet Network Solutions KVM 157032, KVM 157025 User Manual





Thank you for purchasing this INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONSKVM Switch. This compact KVM Switch with Audio and Mic switching functionality allows you to access, control, boot and reboot two (Model 157025) or four (Model 157032) USB-enabled multimedia computers with only one USB keyboard, mouse, monitor and optional speaker set and microphone, using the Switching Software Client installed on your PCs.


1.Insert the enclosed CD into your CD drive. The installer program, USBKVMIn.exe, will run (or you can find it with Explorer and double-click its icon to start installation). Complete the software installation on each PC to be connected to the switch. When completed, you’ll see a KVM Switcher icon on the system tray of the desktop. Right-click to display the operation menu; doubleclick to display the configuration box. (See KVM Switcher section for details.)

No live connection detected

Current active PC channel is on port 1 (or 2, 3 or 4)


NOTE: The KVM Switcher software supports only the Windows operating system on PC platforms. For other OS platforms, such as Linux, you can still use the keyboard hotkey — ScrLk + ScrLk — to switch PCs. However, this switching hotkey is not available on non-PC platforms such as MacOS. When connected to a Mac, use the face-panel button to switch ports.

2. Connect the shared USB keyboard, mouse, monitor, speaker/headphone and microphone

each to its port on your KVM Switch.

3. Connect each KVM PC port to a computer using the slim 3-in-1 KVM combo cable and the audio/ mic cable. Once you have connected the switch and computers properly, you can operate the KVM Switch.

NOTE: Some older computers with a USB interface may need to

manually enable the USB option in the BIOS settings before using any USB devices. If your USB interface does not

work, check the USB option status in the BIOS.


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