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Intellinet Network Solutions 503693 User Manual


Wireless G Broadband Router quick install guide

Model 503693


Thank you for purchasing the INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONSWireless G Broadband Router, Model 503693.

This quick install guide presents the rudimentary steps required to set up and operate this device. For more detailed instructions and specifications, refer to the user manual 1) on the CD enclosed with this product; 2) on the Web site listed below; or 3) in some cases, printed and enclosed with this product. Contact your INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS dealer with comments or questions, or visit for information on the latest software and firmware updates, related products and additional contact information.

NOTE: Some screen images are modified to fit the format of this guide.


Before you begin the installation procedure, confirm that you have:

A compatible operating system (Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP, Linux or Mac) and Web browser (Internet Explorer 5.0 with JavaScript function, or Netscape Navigator 6.0 or above);

A LAN card which has been correctly installed in your computer;

Your user ID and password if you are xDSL user;

Basic information like whether your IP address is static or dynamic if you connect to the Internet by a LAN or WAN.

NOTE: If your computer currently has ADSL PPPoE dial-up software installed, back up your installation software and un-install your ADSL PPPoE dial-up software by going to Start, then Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs.

Hardware Connections

1.Connect your broadband cable (xDSL, cable modem or LAN/leased cable) with the WAN port of the Wireless G Broadband Router.

2.Connect your computer LAN card’s port or your switch’s Uplink port with one of the LAN ports of the Wireless G Broadband Router using a common network cable.

3.Connect any other PC(s) to available LAN ports.

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