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Intellinet Network Solutions 550710 User Manual




Ideal for Monitoring Buildings, Parking Lots, Offi ces, Retail Stores, Day Care Centers, Schools, Homes, and More.

A Truly Revolutionary Device. Simply connect the Network IP Camera to any switch, hub, or Ethernet port, and start viewing from any PC on the network!

Quick & Easy 3-Step Setup

Includes an IP Installer application that allows you to quickly fi nd the camera on your network and assign it a new IP Address.

Multiple Log-In

Because this Network IP Camera supports up to 100 users simultaneously, it can be used in commercial applications that require several people to access the camera at the same time. A perfect example of this would be multiple security guard stations, or multiple sets of parents viewing their children in class or day care.

User Based Frame Rate Control

Unlike SOHO based Network IP Cameras, this Professional Series camera allows you to prioritize users by determining who gets the most bandwidth allocated to them when multiple users are accessing the camera simultaneously.

Web-View Software

View up to four cameras simultaneously using the Multi-Viewer software included with the camera. View the front lobby, parking lot, elevator bay, and roof access all at the same time from one screen.

Software Developer Support

Extensive support is available for software developers who provide customized solutions to their clients. An API allows you to control the parameters of the Network IP Camera using customer built applications (Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, etc. The support website includes documentation on Webview OCX and ActiveX, a list of supported video surveillance & recording software vendors, bandwidth requirement charts, access to live cameras for sample viewing, and more.

Motion Detection

The built in sensor can detect motion, and can be confi gured to trigger an external alarm device, send an E-mail with an attached snapshot, upload images to an FTP server, turn off external devices (remove power from electronic door locks) or initiate recording through most third party video surveillance and recording software programs.

Lifetime Warranty



Strict manufacturing standards assure the highest quality in all INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS products. All items carry a full Lifetime Warranty – the strongest quality commitment anyone can make.

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